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tabernacle platform

Are you ready to make a spiritual connection?

As you begin a trip, a railway station is not a destination, but merely the starting point of your journey. The trip can be long or short, but from that single stage, you may go multiple directions according to your needs.

Likewise, the Tabernacle Platform is a stage where people can board God’s expressway to different places in Him. Through Divine Love, God connects us in profound ways, even though we don’t all end up going to the same place. This is an important point to consider, for it allows for variation in God’s design, rather than promoting a “cookie cutter” doctrinal mentality.

A God has a destination for everyone

No one goes to a “one size fits all” store to buy clothes, that would be drab and unappealing. What people desire is something that fits them perfectly, making them look fabulous. Likewise, God does not demand that we all look or act the same. Therefore, there is tremendous variation in the administrations of God’s gifts. However, at the core of this cornucopia of individuality lies one Spirit that works through all. So, no matter where you end from the Tabernacle Platform, no matter what it’s administration is, the foundation of it will be God’s love.

The core belief of the Tabernacle Platform is:

Listen, hear, and obey on time

Actively listen for His voice, really hear what He’s saying and obey what He says, when He says to do it. While this may sound trite, doing this will take you places in God you never imagined possible.

This mindset allows God to do whatever He wants, whenever He wants to do it, with whomever He wants to do it with. This saying also makes any doctrine subservient to His Holy Spirit, which is exactly where doctrine needs to be.

The Tabernacle Platform: A Spiritual Connection to many places in God

When you come to Tabernacle Central, this platform is the jumping off point to many places in God. I know that more than a few who come here will go places I’ve never dreamed of. I also know that those places may even be places I don’t agree with. However, pay attention to the leading of God’s Spirit, not mine.

In conclusion, we do not have to control anything, all we need do is yield to His Holy Spirit. God really knows how to lead and guide His people and what we do is assist Him in what He wants to do. Our goal is to activate the Bride of Christ and encourage her to make herself ready for her Bridegroom. After all, isn’t that what friends of the Bridegroom do?

Are You Willing To Allow God To Connect You With Another Human Being And Take You To The Places He Wants To Go?

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