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God Wants To Give Young Adults A Divine Mate

First of all, know that God wants you to find a Divine Mate and have children. Other than accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, finding your God-given Mate is the most important thing you will do. God created you to procreate and unless He specifically tells you otherwise, you should make that a priority in your life.

So, the good news is that YHWH is on your side when it comes to having sex. The urges you are feeling, causing you to want to find a mate are completely in the will of God.

Marriage in the Age of Tabernacles

Moreover, God wants you to mate young. Waiting until you are in your late twenties or early thirties is generally not the will of our Father. The urges you feel are created by God and His timing is perfect. Moreover, when you begin to have sexual urges is usually about the time that our Father wants you to find your Divine Mate.

Secular and religious societies are mistaken about the age young people should get together. In fact, many of our cultures are based around this notion that young people should have careers before they marry. In fact, some even delay finding a mate until their late twenties or early thirties because of this concern.

However, delaying marriage has all kinds of harmful effects. While most young people start feeling sensual urges in their mid to late teens, society generally frowns upon early marriage. In fact, many people assume that young people will “experiment” with sex. Though frowned upon, most people believe that sex is simply a biological urge that people indulge in. Nothing could be future from the truth.

Sex is sacred

Sex is sacred. A Divine Mate, unless they pass away before you do, will be the only person you ever have sex with. God desires that intercourse and all that goes with it, be His exclusive domain. As you mate with the man or woman of YHWH’s choice, He is there in your midst. Experimenting with other people is not the will of our Father.

Young people have a sacred responsibility to mate as God chooses, not as they think is best. Their unions bring forth children who will live for eternity. Your generations depend upon you making a wise decision with God. When young adults choose wisely, their children are blessed, making their generations prosper. If your choice isn’t God’s choice, you harm your own walk and may bring forth children out of His will. Thus, though God has amazing grace, a wrong choice of mate damages God’s plan.

God wants young adults to mate early

God isn’t interested in a “womb-man” having a career if it prevents her from bringing forth the children He desires. As smart and talented as a girl may be, her first and foremost role is to be a wife and mother. Being a Divine Mate to the man that God chooses is her highest calling. Though there are exceptions, this is YHWH’s will for most young women who truly desire to submit to Him.

YHWH creates paths that young adults are meant to follow, and these do not submit to our society. God doesn’t recognize woman power, and neither should you. Our Lord values submission and humility in both sexes. The things of this world are passing away, therefore to build up our treasures here is foolishness. To delay marriage because of earthly gain is not the word of God for your life.

In conclusion, God destines young adults for true love if they will let God lead them. Just like God brought Eve to Adam, it is God’s will to bring you His perfect choice. If we are not our own, how can we submit to Him unless we give Him this area too?

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