technical support

Do You Know The Code?

Thank you for desiring help out with this exciting move of God’s Spirit.  As with any great awakening there are many are vitally important to areas what God is doing. Many times people who work on the practical aspects of the move of God’s Spirit have enormous impact.

There are a number of ways people can contribute their unique talents to  further the technical aspects of the Tabernacle Experience.

The Tabernacle movement could benefit greatly from those who are familiar with various aspects of

  1.  WordPress

2.  Search Engine Optimization.  I use Yoast premium.

3.  DIVI 3

4.  Social media

I have handled most of the technical stuff thus far, however, I feel more called to write than master these aspects.  However, I do recognize the better designed our web presence is the better able we are to communicate the message of Divine Love.  For instance, technical support could just optimizing photos or making sure the link structure of each post is correct.  Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms could help many know about what God is doing.  Helping to author the new Tabernacles site with Divi 3 would also be a big help too.

WordPress allows people collaborate also.  For those who want to help with technical support, I easily grant differing levels of access for those who help with website.  I encourage you, if you have the time and talent,  to contact me.

God bless,