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Lucifer used temptation to destroy God’s Kingdom.

Sin is ubiquitous in this creation. Everywhere we turn, we experience its negative effects. Lucifer weaponized temptation and spread her sin throughout the seven kingdoms of God. This creation, which is an eighth, suffered most and God proposes to do away with it, once the chosen of God are redeemed.

Temptation is what brought down a third of the stars of heaven. A fallen Seraph basically seduced a 1/3 of the congregation on the mount of God. No one had ever seen a Seraph before. The intimate unions of God never revealed themselves except to YHWH Himself. Though the congregation on the mount knew that Seraphs existed, they didn’t know any more about them than Isaiah saw in his vision.

Adultery is the original sin

Thus, the original sin was Lucifer revealing herself to the host of heaven. Her beauty, which was perfection personified, stunned and enthralled those who lived in the sides of the north. Lucifer used what was created only for YHWH to tempt and ultimately seduce the congregation, causing a 1/3 of God’s creations to fall. While Seven Seraphs remained faithful, some Cherubim left their first estate, along with angels by the legion, to join her rebellion.

The reason that sexual sin is so synonymous with temptation is that this is the original sin. Adultery, on a level we cannot imagine, led to the war in Heaven. This is why you see so many pop-divas going to ridiculous lengths to portray themselves as sexual goddesses. Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Brittney Spears, Ariana Grande are all manifestations of that original temptress of heaven. They, in fact, channel her spirit to the masses and she, through them, receives worship.

Lucifer broke God’s heart

God is simply too strong to challenge. He is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present. However, what He did not foresee was Lucifer exposing herself to the heavenly host and tempting them to commit adultery with her. Through inappropriate love, the Chief Musician seduced those once loyal to YHWH. Lucifers goal was (and still is) to usurp God’s throne and sit in the sides of the north, making herself to be God.

The whole drama that is unfolding with the Antichrist is basically a reenactment of the original rebellion in heaven. It is a picture for all the world to see of what Lucifer tried, but failed, to do. The sum of all wisdom attempted to ascend the sides of the north, which was the mount of God in Eden. She endeavored to sit in the mercy seat of the Most High and declare herself to be God. She had a false prophet who spoke lies and deceived the multitudes into following her. However, when all appeared lost, God rose up and put down her rebellion, casting Luci and her demons out of heaven.

We are deceived; therefore, our only hope is to trust Jesus

A fundamental fact of this creation is that we are still deceived. No one on earth has it right. All that we can hope for is that God gives us His revelation to illuminate our hearts and minds as to the real truth. Christ was and is the light of the world. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Only as we allow Him to inhabit us and possess everything that we are, do we stand a chance of rising above the tide of evil currently flooding the earth.

In conclusion, it is about to get a lot worse before it gets better. The things Lucifer has planned for those who love God makes the Roman Colosseum look like child’s play. However, God has purposed to keep His Bride out of that hour of temptation. Jesus is coming back for His beloved and if you are ready, he will take you to be with Him to where He is. Amen.

Angels by Within Temptation, cover by Minniva

The truth is I don’t look very hard for these songs. This is a present truth in our generation and it is everywhere if you realize what to look for.