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Present Testament

Speaking in the first person

In this section, I am posting things that God says in the first person. In actuality, everything I write is, to a greater or lesser degree, inspired by God. However, mostly I write about what God says and do not speak in the first person.

Writing a Present Testament

A while ago, I began to think that I should simply remove myself from the equation and be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to speak plainly to His people. This section, entitled a Present Testament contains revelations I endeavor to write that way. After all, I assume that those who read what is written would much rather hear from God than me. Here is where I write whatever God speaks to me without all the qualifiers.

God says,

” Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

Philippians 2:6

It is not robbery to be equal with God in this way

As I understand it, Jesus knew he was the express image of God and so allowed others to see God fully through him.  Christ allowed people to recognize God in him so long as their worship and honor was directed to his Father.  When people wanted to worship him, as man, Jesus always directed their attention back to His Father.  This is why the son of man said, “call no man good.”

I understand that writing things directly from God is dicey territory. I call these revelations a “Present Testament” because they are the current word of God to His people.

The Holy Spirit is our partner

The New Testament differs from the Old Testament in that it is more of a “partnership” between God and man.  God’s Spirit no longer possesses saints as He used to do with the prophets of old. Thus, these Present Testament writings derive from a partnership with the Holy Spirit.  These essays are valuable so far as they help illuminate what the Holy Spirit is doing today.

The fullness of the stature of Christ

As believers mature into the fullness and stature of Christ, they will learn to walk and talk as the apostles did.  Like the heroes of our faith, today’s saints begin to partner with God.  At first, we take small steps.  After a while we learn to walk in the Spirit, becoming the manifested (revealed) Sons of God.  As we walk in these places our Father restores us back into His image and likeness.

In conclusion, take what the Holy Spirit quickens to your minds and hearts.  Be led by the Holy Spirit in all things.

God bless,

Michael King

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