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The Unholy Grip Of Islam

Many Christians are not very familiar with Isalm. Thankfully, most western countries have what are termed “moderate” muslims living within their borders. However, that is changing with a resurgence of wahhabism, which true Isalm.

Islamic societies are shame based. This means that the precieved honor of the family unit, and by extension, clan, tribe and country is everything. Thus, anything that brings shame is precieved as a personal insult and must be rectified for honor to be restored.


Western minded people really have little idea of how powerful this shame based motivation is. The closest thing that most European people know to this idea is the pactice of “vendetta” among some Italians.

Merriam-Webster defines vendetta as,

“Blood feud. An often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts .”

Likewise, on a cultural level, percieved sligths to a families honor must be expunged by any means nessesary.

Dishonnorable killings

In many Muslim contries, honor killings take place all the time. In instances where family members bring dishonor they are killed by other family members. Young women, who have sex outside of marriage willing through rape, are often killed by brothers, uncles, or fathers. Can a Christian imaging strangeling thier own daughter for Christ’s sake? Many Islamic peope can imagine killing their own flesh and blood for Allah though. This, unfortunately, is a societal norm in the stricter muslim countries. People don’t like it, policiticans don’t condone it, but Mullahs accent to it.

True Islam is not a religion of peace

Mohammad was a war lord; brutal, despotic, and cruel.. Once he gained enough power, he went on a killing spree to spread His “relevation” of Allah. After Muhammads death, disciples beat western civilization into submission through over 500 battles.

ISIS demonstrates to the world what the followers of Muhammad do it left unchecked by western civilization. In fact, had not America put an end to the new caliphate, it would have spread more havoc. Islam destroys not only to non-mulsims, but brutalizes their own people too.

Burrying our heads in the sand is not a strategy

Many Christians do not understand what is really going on with those who follow Muhammad. Anyone who can threaten to kill their own daughter does not care about love or justice. In Muslims minds, everyone has insulted their honor and, if nessesary only erradication will suffice to restore it.

Muslim’s have hearts just like you or I

In the end, though caught in a soul crushing, monsterous lie, believers in Islam are people too. Just like us, the need to feel the love of God and yearn for His acceptance. The only thing strong enough to break the Muhamadan deception in their lives is spirit led, Divine Love. Muslims desperately need Christ in us.

In conclusion, the Tabernacle experience is what will ultimately break the unholy spirit of Islam. Shame, which is the basis of Islam, cannot compete with true love of God from above.