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The line that you must not cross

We are trapped within invisible walls. These are barriers beyond which we cannot think, imagine, or even consider. These are yellow lines of caution and denial. They are doctrinal barriers that our denominations erect for “our safety.”

Christianity is like a city that is filled with yellow tape – you can hardly go anywhere. Choked by lines that each sect erects, God’s people struggle to find Him. These barriers are sold to congregations as barriers for their safety, but they are, in reality, impediments to God. They trap people in “what was,”, preventing them from experiencing “what is.” When God leads us as individuals, or especially as groups, toward some glorious new revelation, we smack up against these doctrinal barriers, beyond which we are told we cannot venture.

Thus, men and women of God, through fear, fail to apprehend the thing that God is doing right now. We opt for what is “safe.” We cannot experience anything new in God because fearful clergy poison our minds against anything they don’t approve of. Whichever doctrine we swear allegiance to becomes our glass ceiling in God.

Organized religion is preventing the maturity of the Body of Christ

The Christian church is preventing the maturity of the Body of Christ. We cannot become the Bride because those who are supposed to be the friend of the Bridegroom not only refuse to bring us to Him, but actually bar our way.

I am here to tell you – those who wish to know God right now – to stop listening to those who say they watch for your souls. Turn a deaf ear toward those who say they have the rule over you. Jesus said of the pharisees, and it is true of the leadership of our generation, that they neither enter into the kingdom of heaven, nor do they allow anyone else to do so.

Why is this so? Why do those who profess to serve God end up preventing others from knowing Him? It is because they serve a system rather than a Person. No matter what they say, when push comes to shove, they opt for the perpetuation of the system that gives them their position rather than the One who will ultimately grant them salvation.

We see this all the time in those who criticize every single new move of the Holy Spirit as something that needs to be scrutinized, collated, systematized, and categorized according to their doctrine. They are professional naysayers who always resist His will. The true church simply cannot exist within the normative church any longer. We are at the time of Revelation chapter 12.

Trust in Jesus, not in man’s system

If you are experiencing God, trust Him. Do not think that what is new or different will find any place in church circles. Even if it does for a time, the church will eventually shut it down, normalize it, and strip that wonderful experience of the power of God.

God is about to move spectacularly, in ways never before seen in the history of the earth. Those who come into these revelations will not find acceptance, solace, or support from those who claim to be the representatives of God. We will come out and be a people separate, loved, and cherished by God Himself, in a place of His choosing, away from spiritual Egypt.