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As an apostle, I tend to see emerging truths that affect the entire body of Christ. Lately, the Holy Spirit has been sharing with me about how the challenges we face in the world are the chrysalis from which the end time church emerges.

Currently, in our western world anyway, though we find some opposition to our belief in Jesus, in the main we suffer little persecution. Therefore, we lack vital reasons to allow God to lead and guide us, mostly carrying Christianity based on natural understanding. This, in turn, gives rise to many endeavors which are not actually God’s will, preventing us from being about our Father’s business. However, shortly, that is all about to change. In the coming days pressing reasons will make it necessary for our Father to lead and guide us.

Desperate circumstances cause us to call out to God. Pressed on all sides, our eyes turn heavenward. Devoid of natural options, we believe God’s promises and pray He hear us. In this atmosphere of trials and tribulations, the perfected body of Christ emerges. Through difficult circumstances, much like the first century church, we will again function as one.

When the natural way is blocked

However, it is not persecution that makes us walk with God, it is the corresponding outpouring of God’s Divine Love, which remakes us in His image and likeness. Currently, it is difficult for us to put our total trust in God, because we still see a natural way to do things. However, when we cannot rely on our own efforts, because the world prevents us, then we will turn to God in each other.

The fact is, that the Holy Spirit resides in each one of us who has asked, and been filled with, the Holy Ghost. Just as God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, so His Spirit is now in us finishing up that task. Therefore, if you want to find God, you will find Him in His chosen residence; i.e. the Body of Christ.

The emergence of the Body of Christ

United as one, functioning as God intended, we are a force to be reckoned with. There are so many of us, we cannot be stopped. Moreover, as the starlings of God, we move as His Spirit leads, which is unknowable to natural minded men. Therefore, all the usual ways tyranny tries to control and manipulate people, simply will not work on us. We don’t need the internet, because we have His Spirit. If we want to meet up, God directs us where to go and when. If we lack bread, someone who has more than enough that day will show up. If we are sick, those who are anointed will lay hands on us and we will be well.

Overflowing abundance is our portion

Overflowing abundance is our portion. God restores all the years the locust has eaten in our lives and we truly have more than enough. Our small fishes feed five thousand with some left over. The body of believers become one big home with rooms enough for everyone. None of us lack, for we will are blessed beyond measure with such abundance from our brethren, we cannot give it away fast enough. The glory of this former church will be greater than the latter. We don’t look longingly at the Book of Acts anymore, Because we realize it was merely small foretaste of God compared to a world wide move of His Spirit. Eye has not seen, nor heart imagined, what God has prepared for those that love Him – through one another. This is the Tabernacle Blessing.

In conclusion, everything we need already exists in those who believe. There is no lack, only a lack of being organized, not by man, but by the Holy Spirit. Once we hear His voice and do His will, when He wants to do it and with whom He directs, the riches of Christ in us will sustain all.

There’s An Overflow by Sinach