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Your redemption is near

A stereotypical doomsday prophet is a haggard man standing on the street corner dressed in a sandwich sign that reads, “The End Is Near.” However, though “An” end is near, it is certainly not doomsday for those who know Jesus Christ as Lord. In fact, the end being near is cause for celebration and hope for you who believe.

We are at the changeover from the Gentle church age to the restoration of Israel as the restored olive branch. That is to say, the times of the non-Jewish believers is almost over and God is about to restore the Jews as His people. This is all in preparation for 1000 years of peace that will shortly begin, after the terrible days of the Antichrist.

The light of the world, Jesus, lives in you

Though the world seems like a dark place, you have all the light you will ever need living inside you. As you yield to Jesus, he shines through you, illuminating not only your own path, but a way for those around you, too. We are not children of this present darkness, but we are adopted sons and daughters, born of the One True Light of creation: Jesus Christ.

What does this mean for you? It means that it is time to look up from your troubles and see our blessed hope. Today, know that Christ is coming and for you, His presence will be a wonderful experience of true and everlasting love! If you feel discouraged, be encouraged, for the coming days will be full of wondrous experiences in God, the type that were not even seen in the book of Acts!

You will live to see the new dawn

Soon, you will wake as if from a dream to a new dawn, a new day, where the sun never sets. You are destined for a privileged place among God’s saints, and will definitely stand, dressed in white, singing ‘hallelujah’ to the Lamb.

I pray for you today, that God will raise your spirit and set it on high with Him. I ask Jesus to comfort you in your distress, encouraging you that it is yet just a little longer. Do not despair, for together we will stand on the shores of eternity and sing a new song. These things are truth and Jesus will do all that we hope and more.


Awesome God by Michael W Smith