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In this essay I write about some topics that some consider taboo in Christianity.
If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

I thank all those who have been reading the Final Feast. I do not know many of you personally, but it is my sincere hope and desire that God ministers to you in a deep and meaningful way though these essays. In fact, the reason why I write them is to answer some of the most difficult questions in Christianity which, often times, go unanswered.

I haven’t written about the topic of intimacy recently, because I have been directed to write the Seraph Hunter series. However, yesterday I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share a few truths God is showing me.

To begin with, in the Garden of Eden, when the Holy Spirit left Adam, a spiritual darkness fell upon his mind. Though still essentially perfect, the very fuel that made him a perfect human being was no longer available, so that part of himself died, just as a car that runs out of gas. All that was left was Adam’s earthly intellect, and though still considerable by our standards, it lacked the divine light of YHWH.

Into the abyss

From there, through Adam and Eve, the whole world descended into an abyss – a poverty of the mind, as well as the soul. Soon, Abel lay dead at his brother’s hand. After that, the sons of god mated with the daughters of men, bringing forth giants who oppressed everyone. In fact, the thoughts of men were so continually evil, YHWH repented of creating mankind and purposed in His heart to bring an end to all flesh. Men had lost sight of what God originally intended and used what He gave for their own selfish ends.

In our day and age, we are facing a similar abyss. We cannot see because we have been raised in darkness. The light of God, which should be a spiritual inheritance, hurts our eyes, causing us to shy away from what we do not know and cannot understand.

The truth is, all God’s creation is centered around procreation. We see a form of male and female mating in almost every animal on earth. Embedded deep within us, placed by God Himself, is a fundamental drive to create “more” of ourselves, because this is the very thing which caused YHWH to declare, “let us create man in our image, after our likeness.”

Spiritual mating

Spiritual mating is when you join with someone God directs you to be with. Having children with someone He ordains is the original intent of the Garden of Eden. To the extent that we fulfill this spiritual imperative, we fulfill God’s plan for our lives. Salvation, while absolutely necessary, is but an accommodation to the sin. Without the knowledge and acceptance of Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, forgiveness of sin and everlasting life is beyond us.

The Tabernacle Experience is the perfection of the saints. Becoming one with God and showing forth His love to each member of His body is the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer in John chapter 17. You become perfect in this generation, not through following correct doctrine, but by yielding to YHWH’s pure heart of love.

When God comes to His people, everything that is not of Him must go. Jesus cleansed the literal temple in Jerusalem. Likewise, since everything in God’s kingdom now is spiritual, Christ in us is about to cleanse the spiritual temple, too. What people do not understand, and what will shock so many, are the things that God considers to be unclean and He drives out.

Intimacy is not unclean

Intimacy is not unclean, no matter what the clergy tell you. The only time sex is sin is when it is not done at the direction of God. Therefore, all sexual sin is simply inappropriate sex. It does not matter what the intimacy looks like or who it is with, as long as it is done at the Holy Spirit’s direction. Thus, if you greet one another with a holy kiss, married or single, it is acceptable, as long as it is ordained by God.

Some may exclaim, “But won’t people use that reasoning as an excuse to sin sexually? Who then can say what is sin? Who will judge? First of all, people who desire to sin will find a way to sin. However, If the desire to sin is not present within them, they will not sin even if given the opportunity. Secondly, God has not given you the responsibility to be intimacy police. You have not been, nor should you be, butting into someone else’s bedroom, deciding if their intimacy is proper.

Freedom to sin is not an invitation to sin. The Holy Spirit is the greatest chaperone in the world. When you walk in the Spirit you have no desire to harm anyone in any way – especially through intimacy. You would never think of taking advantage of your fellow human being, because that is not God’s heart. There is a higher level of carefulness that comes with feeling God’s love. If anyone advocates doing anything that might harm another, the Spirit of God’s love is not in them.

The clergy has become the very instruments used of the devil to prevent God’s intimacy with His Bride. Anything deemed inappropriate (and almost all of it is), they forbid. Ushers in “God’s house” are the enforcers, but the real criminals are the pastors and teachers. YHWH is about to do something in our day that will leave us speechless, and try as they might to prevent it, God will love His chosen.

God wants you to make love

The fact is that God wants you to make love. Moreover, He desires to be in your midst when you do. Many, who are initially attracted to their marriage partner, “fall out of love,” precisely because they exclude God from their bedroom. When you marry simply to have physical relations, after satisfying that desire, you become bored. However, if you allow the Holy Spirit to love you through each other, the very God who created love, never fails. Physical intimacy between spiritual connections continues to deepen for as long as they are physically able.

Some people don’t believe that couples should speak in other tongues during sex, but that is incorrect. While you have intercourse is the perfect time to allow your spirit to speak mysteries. Tongues allows your spirit, which is located in your belly, to emerge and mingle with your partner’s. As you both commingle with God, He blesses your union with His presence. Sex is worship. Intercourse is the highest form of worship when aligned with His perfect will. Why else do women and men exclaim, “Oh God” when they climax? The problem that God has with much of the eroticism nowadays, is that it has nothing to do with His desire to mate through us and, in fact, is antithetical to His will.

It is better if no one is left behind

The scriptures state that, “in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.” In actuality, it would be much better if two shall be taken and no one left behind. The truth is, that if you are unequally yoked to someone that is not God’s will, it is much more difficult for you to walk perfectly before God. When you do not have unity in your marriage, even though you’re both believers, it is an open door for the devil to come and tear you down through each other.

God is about to come for His Bride, and He is going to take her to be with Him to where He is. It doesn’t matter that others agree with what Jesus is about to do, it will simply be done and none shall stay His hand. The church, for all it’s doctrinal correctness, has not allowed Jesus to be with his intended and that is about to change. The fact is, once the bride is taken to God and to His throne, it is only then that many will see the error of their ways.

Those who are part of the Bride of Christ will begin to experience Him in ways that offend the natural man. The intimacy that God uses to show His love, through His people, will shock everyone. It will be like a young couple French kissing in public – those who see them will either be envious or think, “aw, come on, get a room!” Yet, the intimacy demonstrated through His body to His body will be perfectly in line with His plan and desire for mankind.

In general, celibacy is not the will of our Father

It is so rare for God to “not” want you to procreate, that you have to have a special dispensation or “gift” to remain celibate. Going forth and multiplying is the first commandment of mankind. Coupling with a man or woman of YHWH’s choice is your first and greatest commandment after you know salvation. To find your Divine Mate is a prime directive of God, and to have sexual relations with them is His will. Ask yourself, “If you are sold out for God, why wouldn’t he want more of you?” Martin Luther marrying a nun was complete alignment with God’s will, contrary to the Catholic Church’s dogma.

It is not spiritual to remain single – Paul only said that in view of his assessment of the present distress, i.e. the terrible persecution of “The Way” in his time. In general, believers do not suffer like that in our world, therefore that precept no more applies to us than foot washing. For you to deny God children through you is a grave and eternal mistake. Your generations depend on you, so get busy with whomever God leads you to be with and have kids.

When “fornication and adultery” are not fornication or adultery

There is demonic fornication and then there is God matchmaking. People who have sex just because of lust are sinning, this much is plain. However, people who have sex because of an overwhelming force that drives them together, are oftentimes being mated by God for His purposes. What the world often calls a “love child,” is often a “God child.”

In conclusion, radical is often only radical to those who lack God’s perspective. Jeremiah was radical to the king and all those prophets around him. Elijah taunted the “idolatrous clergy” of his day on Mount Carmel. John the Baptist called the religious leaders a “brood of vipers.” To be sure, there are a lot of people spouting only their imagination and pride. However, to those who have spiritual ears to hear and eyes to see, the truth will ring correct in their hearts.



Woe To You by Jesus