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The First Commandment

Fulfill the First Commandment

Often times, in church, we hear sermons about tithing, love your brother, and don’t do this or don’t do that.  In fact, many pastors fulfill the scripture that states “there is nothing new under the sun.”

However, as good and sometimes necessary as these types of acceptable messages are, much of the times such sermons never touch the places where people actually live.  This sanitized version of Christianity feels good to the natural man but it often leaves the spiritual man and our souls desperately wanting.

Today, I want to speak with you about the necessity of fulfilling the first commandment. God says,

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion…”

Genesis 1:28

In the very first chapter we find that God “commands” Adam and Eve to have children.  It is not a request, it is not an option, but it is the very first commandment.  Therefore, we safely assume that having children is very, very important to God.

Male and female is the dominant motif of this creation.  God says,

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Genesis 1:27

In fact, you have to really try hard to find any animal in God’s entire creation that does not bring forth offspring through male and female procreation after their kind.

Now To The Point…

To point of this essay is that we, as believers, should not neglect or pervert the purposes of our Creator.  We were created male and female and it is important that we trust that God knew exactly what He was doing when He made us.

Currently, in the world, people are messing with the basic blueprint of creation.  Some men are leaving the natural use of a woman and burning in their lust towards one another.  Some university students are even saying that they are “gender neutral” or “Gender fluid.”  In doing so that they fulfill this scripture,

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”

Romans 1:22

People who think they can be any gender they happen to desire on a particular day are fools.  Yes, we all hope it is a ” Fad,” however, I believe there is a deeper more sinister power at work in such silliness.

At the root of all this gender bending is Satan himself.  It is “Love of self” at the expense of the will of God.  Homosexuality is is the express nature of Lucifer who loved himself more than he loved God. Everything that homosexuality stands for violates the first commandment of God and frustrates the very purpose of all that He made.  The Gay lifestyle fundamentaly rejects the natural order laid down in this creation. It is a rejection of the rule of God and, as such, is open rebellion towards the Almighty.

A new creation

A women should not despise that they are fearfully and wonderfully made to bear children.  Their wombs are the center of God’s created universe.  It is what made Eve different from all that God had created before her. There are no female angels, only male.  God created Eve with such beauty that it most likely surpassed even Lucifer himself.  Plus God made Eve capable of doing something Lucifer couldn’t do, bring fourth after her kind.

The real “war on women”

There is a war on women, but not as the liberal politicians would have us to believe.  An enraged Seraph wages the real war on women. Lucifer is destroying the miracle of this creation, which is Eve and her daughters.

Female genital mutilation, hysterectomies, C-sections, abortions, rape, incest: where do you think the impetus for all these attacks on women come from?  If these were just a few random events we might be able to chalk them up to tragic chance.  However, the magnitude of these horrific and violent deeds suggests that it is a demonic onslaught meant to destroy the female of our species that Satan hates.

 I have said all that to say this,

“Seek to be male and female to the best of  your ability and do not allow the philosophies of this age to distract you from your God given roles.”

Children last forever because they are eternal souls and that is the focus of this creation.  Our ability to bring forth children who can live forever with God is a wonderful way to love our creator and make Him eternally happy.

Why is adultery sin?

Here is a fundamental truth that may help you sort some of confusion you may have about what is and is not sexual sin,

“At the root of all sexual immorality is simply inappropriate sex.”

When you think about it, having sex is not the sin of adultery (because married people do that all the time) but it is the act of having sex with someone other than your mate that is the error.

To take it one step further is is not the marriage contract that makes having sex OK but it is the level of the love relationship which warrants such intimate expression that sanctifies it.  In other words, if  a man and woman are committed to each other for life and their love between each other is so intense that they must express it, then they are married in their hearts and the act of marriage is holy because it is appropriate sex.

Fornication is not appropriate sex because the commitment and love relationship that warrants such expression is not there.  Adultery is not appropriate sex because you are violating the trust of your mate. In any situation where sex is inappropriate it is sin.

Marriage is of the heart

Many who aren’t legally married in the eyes of the state are in fact married in the eyes of God.  Though some may not have a piece of paper they may have the requisite commitment and love relationship. Conversely, this also means that some people married in the eyes of the state are not married in God’s eyes.

Be happy clay under your Master’s hands

Men and women need to decide to be exactly what their creator designed them to be.  We can’t improve on God’s plan nor should we ever assume to try.  The fact is that a woman’s highest purpose in this creation, is to bring forth after her kind.  There is no shame in this nor loss of anything of true value in realizing this fact.  All that feminism has done is take women out of our homes, away from their children, and allowed them such privileges as dying in combat. Women are wrongly told that to be “fulfilled” that they need to be something other than what they were created for has not worked out well at all.

Exceptions: In my Father’s house are many mansions

Lastly,  there are always exceptions to general maxims.  However, exceptions do not negate the main thrust of the design of God.  If you cannot have children that does not take away from your ability to love God or love anyone else.  It does not diminish your worth in anyway.  God wants you to serve Him, married or not.  

In God’s kingdom their are many mansions. If you do not live in one there is always another one just as wonderful. Please do not let anything I have said condemn you in any way. When I speak, most of the time, it is in broad, sweeping stokes that apply to many but not to all.

The question of Homosexuality

I have thought a lot about homosexuality as it relates to the scriptures (as I have done with many other difficult subjects) and I would like to offer some thoughts and maybe some small comfort those who struggle in this area.

There are two main types of homosexuality as far as I can determine. The first are those who consciously choose the “gay” lifestyle and the second are those who believe they were “born” gay.

When you are heterosexual and make a choice to exchange the natural use of a woman and burn in your lust towards men, then you have sinned. I believe that this type of homosexuality is by far the greater portion of the gay community.  This is absolutely and fundamentally opposite of what God intended and is the sin that He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  Your only choice, if you wish to serve God, is to repent of this sin and stop doing it.

Being born gay

However, there are those, for whatever reasons, who believe they were born gay.  They have never felt attracted to the opposite sex and they truly feel that they can’t change their feelings towards the same sex no matter what they do.

To me, this is a fairly unique situation that some people find themselves in and it would be wrong of us, who are not born that way, to condemn those who truly feel they are.  In my experience, people who feel this way do not get delivered from it.  If that is truly the case, trust God and be the best believer you can. Trust the judge of the whole earth to do right

The bottom line is, if you believe that you are attracted to the same sex and that is the way you were born, don’t allow shame or guilt to to destroy you, but serve God anyway to the best of your ability.

Here is a truth,

“Condemnation, which is from the devil, is nebulous and just makes you feel worthless and without hope.  Conviction, which is from God, is specific and gives you a clear choice to make.”

Until God comes to you and clearly gives you a choice to make about how he wants you to live don’t worry about it. Do your best to follow what God says to you personally and trust that the judge of the whole Earth will do right by you.  If, in your heart, you love God and want to do His will no one can or should judge you but God himself.  

The scriptures state that we should not judge another mans servant. Frankly, unless and God delivers you, you simply aren’t.  God is not surprised or amazed that you are struggling with sin.  I would not counsel you to engage in such relationships, but, frankly, everyone struggles with something: and they still serve God.  Do the best you can in other areas and allow the Spirit of God to deal with that area in His timing and in His way.  The main thing is to not let condemnation keep your from loving your Lord.

God bless,

Michael King

How can I apply this teaching to my life?

OK brothers, this is your turn today.  God wants to give you wife. Not just any wife but the woman that your Father believes would be best for you and best for His kingdom.

There are many single ladies sitting the pews of churches that are waiting for you to come and sweep them off their feet.  What they are looking for real men of conviction.  Men of strength in God. Men who they know will stand strong in the Lord no matter what.  These women come to church year after year alone, not because they like being alone, but because they love God and are committed.  Those are the fine rubies that you want to date.

All men have an idea of what they are looking for, but what about what God is looking for in your future mate?  Are you going to go about this through your own natural reasoning or are you going to allow God to pick because He knows best.  Go with God, that is always the best bet.

Step 1.  Pray and ask God to show you whom to date

Step 2.  Ask God when to ask her out (and if need be what to say)

Take her to a godly movie and then for a bite eat afterwards.

That way you will both have something talk about as you

have a burger or some such thing.

Step 3.  Show your strength in God.

That is, be firm in the convictions you have and do not

change them to impress her.  Women love velvet over steel.

In this way your relationship will truly be based on God from the very beginning.  This does not mean there will not be challenges or obstacles to face.  This does not even mean that the sister in the Lord will decide to say yes to you or to God.  It takes two to follow God’s voice. If she declines take it graciously and simply ask God what to do. Trying your best is what counts a lot in God’s economy. Ask your Father for wisdom and He will teach you.

I Will Follow Him from Sister Act, cover by Ana Rucner