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The 10th Gift Of The Spirit

I would like to add one more gift to the list of the nine gifts of the Spirit.  It is the gift of suspicion.  This gift is prevalent in the Christian church and is used almost more than any other spiritual gift.

The really neat thing about this gift is that you don’t even have to ask for it.  Here’s how this gift is operated.  Using your natural mind collect a set of loosely associated facts about a subject or preferably a person.  Then you collate these pieces or perceived pieces of information into an assumption.

Jumping to conclusions

Furthermore, without praying about what this assumption is (for this will cloud the issue) simply categorize the subject or person according to what this gifting is telling you.  While jumping to conclusions is normally considered risky, when operating this gifting it is beneficial.

Once you have made a determination about a subject or person using this gifting never re-examine your conclusion no matter what evidence to the contrary that may be brought to your attention.  The gift of suspicion is always right no matter what and it need not be verified to any great degree because it is so accurate.

Absolute certainty

With this gifting, you are assured to be counted more spiritual than your brethren because they, being normal Christians, can only obtain a maximum of nine.

Of course, there is no tenth gift and suspicion is not something from God.  There seems to be a tendency in some to look at and judge others, not by the spirit, but through their natural-minded suspicions.  I do not think this is helpful at all and I don’t feel that it is even necessary.  Purity does not come from keeping people in line. Righteousness is not something that can be enforced from the outside if it is not present on the inside.   Christians have become so suspicious of everyone and everything that it seems they spend more time trying to find out what they don’t agree with than that which is of a good report.

Let God love through us

I believe that once the move of God’s Divine Love starts to infuse us all with a new visitation of His Holy Spirit that we will begin to focus on just letting God live His life through us.  Divine Love bears all things, hopes all things, and believes all things…and it never fails.  Once we begin to experience and become the love of God we will have little time for anything else.

Recovering Pharisee by Del McCoury