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the gospel

He God’s Voice In This Man

This man is part of anointed generation that is speak forth the revelation of God. As God intended since the garden, living and speaking by the voice of God is where this people thrive. So much of what we have been saying for long has simply been regurgitated from what people have said, with a fraction of our revelation, hundred of years ago. While the word of God in there time was tailored to this time and clime, it is not the current word of God for out generation.

People want you to agree with them, no out of a desire for truth, but out a natural minded need to affirmed. They was us to conform to their lives and their beliefs to make them feel good. The desire to believe God no matter way is not in those who refuse to hear what God is saying today.

God speaks His gospel in 4 minutes

Nothing of the scriptures is dishonored by allowing God to speak to us today. God voice is eternal, thus each and ever word that flows from His mouth is full of creative power and divine wisdom. The voice of our Lord today is just as important as his word to previous generations. The scriptures are alive with the Holy Spirit and the speak differently to every generations according to their needs.

What we should always seek is to hear our Father’s voice in any written or spoken word. That is the measure of it’s authenticity, not it’s antiquity. No matter how old the apocrypha, it will never merit the same weight and consideration as the Old Testament.

Listen to the gospel in 4 minutes

In conclusion, hear God in everything you see, touch, taste, smell and see. His creation speaks to us, not in some pantheistic way, but just because YHWH finger prints are on all of it. Let this man be a manifestation of God to you and hear your Fathers voice.

The Gospel In 4 Minutes