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The Key To Activating People’s Spirits Is To Speak Revelation Directly To Them

Here is a truth,

“Trying to engage people’s natural minds when sharing spiritual truths is pointless. The truth is, it is their spirit that we need to engage which, many times, lies dormant within them. If we awaken their spirits through contact with God’s Spirit flowing through us, they will naturally accept His Word, because YHWH designed them to do so.”

The Tabernacle Experience is a new, more complete way to doing things in God.  Literally, Divine Love and all that it entails is meant to wrap up the Gentile Church Age.  As such, we must be prepared to do things in new and exciting ways as God leads.  One of these areas that God is about to expand and enlarge, is how we share our faith with others.

God shows us a better way

Though there are many ways to do so, sharing the gospel has fallen into a kind of rut that, while it has worked in times past, is losing its effectiveness in our day and age.  Moreover, sharing the 4 spiritual laws is not even possible in many places without risking extreme persecution.  Many, who are called to share Christ, believe that hardship is just part and parcel with witnessing the gospel.  While being willing to suffer for his name’s sake, perhaps we are beating our head against a wall when we don’t have to.  When you challenge an enemy directly, they can prepare for your attack, however, when you use a strategic indirect approach, you can go around their defenses and win the day.

Speak directly to people’s spirits

To begin with, I believe it is time to begin to minister directly to the spirits of believers and unbelievers alike.  Engaging the natural minds of anyone is pointless.  It is the natural minds of men and women that are against God.  What we need to do is “activate” people’s spirits which have lain largely dormant.

Activating the spirits of others happens when we share revelation by the Holy SpiritRevelation is simply God’s truth given, unvarnished and direct from the mouth of the Most High.  As such, we simply need to speak these things of Tabernacles to people’s spirits, by-passing their natural minds.  This is what the preaching of Christ and him crucified really is.

We need to be activating people’s spirits

Speak the Tabernacles Experience by the Holy Spirit to those who have ears to hear.  Those whom God calls to be part of the Bride of Christ will receive His word no matter what.  It is not because it is reasonable that people believe, but because it is His Spirit and they hear and accept it by faith.

Therefore, people can share even the most radical aspects of what I write by activating people’s spirits.  Frankly, most of what God has been sharing through me and others on this site is way beyond the natural man’s ability to accept or comprehend anyway.  Flesh and blood cannot reveal these things, therefore, let’s trust God’s Spirit to activate people’s spirits.

We know and trust the One who speaks

In conclusion, we speak what we know by the Spirit to their spirits.  Our faith is not based upon what our minds can understand, we believe because we know and trust the One who speaks.  We, as His sheep, know His voice.  Trust that all those God calls to be His Bride will hear His voice in us too.