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seraphim are coming

God says,

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

Psalm 82:6

There is an unfolding revelation about Seraphim I feel to share with you. It is a epiphany of the reality of God’s family. The truth is, God is the head of an amazing household. Solomon, in all his earthly glory, only faintly echoed this. Among the multitudes of His congregation there are the seven spirits of God. These are the ancient ones, the first of YHWH’s creations. These are the “us” that God speaks to when creating this cosmos.

Lucifer, the original Seraph, was the bright and shining one, the sum of all wisdom and the chief musician of the sides of the North. She was and still is the most powerful of all God’s creations. However, increasingly, by reason of her immense beauty and talents, she corrupted herself until sin was found in her heart.

The sons of Zadok

God says,

” It shall be for the priests that are sanctified of the sons of Zadok; which have kept my charge, which went not astray when the children of Israel went astray, as the Levites went astray. “

Ezekiel 48:11

What many do not understand is that almost the whole of the Old Testament speaks rather plainly about the original rebellion in heaven. Israel, Jerusalem, and the nations around her, represent the original kingdom of God on earth in Eden. It may be in type and shadow, but if you know what to look for, the story of what happened is plain as day.

The holy ones of God, those who remained faithful, are typified by the Sons of Zadok. Anywhere in the Bible that people act with loyalty, honor, or commitment speaks of those of the House of God that stood with Him during the great rebellion.

War in the hevenlies

Though Lucifer fell, the rest of the Seraphim remained loyal to their heavenly Husband. They fought against Lucifer, and though much was lost in the war of seven realms, the house of God prevailed. One the casualties though, was this creation along with the human race.

What most do not yet understand is that mankind is a Seraph in the making. We are created a little lower than the angels, but destined to replace the Chief Musician. Lucifer, and those who follow her want to kill us, not only in body, but to condemn us to eternal torment in the Lake of Fire.

The Seraphim are coming

Prophetic Vision: Seraphim and Cherubim Are Coming!

However, there is something new happening in the earth: God’s Seraphim are coming. We are rising up and beginning to understand who we are and what we mean to God. Leaving the knowledge of good and evil, we live by Revelation alone, regaining much that was lost in the Garden.

The Bride of Christ is a seraph. Together, as Christ is joined to His body, we become joined to the most High. Our destiny is to be the Lamb’s wife, who is the express image of YHWH saves.

There is a reason your life has been difficult

If you wonder why your life is so difficult, why you’re knocked down every time you try to get up, know that there is a lot more at stake than you know. Eternity will be a poorer place if you do not survive this earthly testing. Angels are around you right now to lift you up and comfort you, because you are vitally important. God is on your side even though everyone and everything around you seems to say differently.

It is a miracle that you’re even reading this essay today. Everything in your life has conspired to keep you away from the knowledge of who you are in Him. The truth is you are predestined to experience God’s Divine Love as His Divine Mate. Many are betrothed to God and don’t even know it.

Realize who you are in God

In conclusion, the Seraphim are coming and you are one of them. All you have to do is believe and receive God’s love. The Tabernacle Blessing is about to sweep over the earth, causing the way back to the Garden to open. Innocence restored, revelation regained, oneness given is what God is about to do among all those whom He calls friend. Amen.