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Often, when you walk with God, you become a sign that God uses to show His truth. In the case of the prophet Hosea, he was supposed to find his wayward wife, pay off her debts, forgive her, and take her back. This natural act painted a spiritual picture of what God would eventually do for the nation of Israel.

There is a sign happening in our generation, that is similar to the sign of Hosea, but in an opposite way. This sign consists of women who break earthly marriage vows to be united by God’s Spirit to men whom God chooses to be their mates. This is taking place all over the world and it is a sign to this generation of what our Lord is about to do with His church. Unfortunately, these Spirit-led breakups are lumped in with regular divorce. People just think that all divorce is bad and not God’s will, while the truth is that sometimes it is precisely the will of our Lord.

In essence, the Bride of Christ is wed to the the world. This relationship is not ordained by God and is detrimental not only to her, but also to what He wants to accomplish. The world (church) wants her to do what they think is important, while God, on the other hand, has something that actually is important that He wants her to do. Unfortunately, the bride derives her security and earthly acceptance from a world that wants very little to do with the things of the Spirit. Thus, while she may say that she wants to follow her Savior, in reality, she serves another master.

God’s bride – torn between two lovers

However, the bride does desire, at least in her heart, to be with her heavenly Bridegroom where He is. Thus, there is a constant tug of war going on between what God wants and what she believes she must do to live on earth. The Holy Spirit says one thing, but perceived necessity demands another. Thus God’s will is left undone while bride does and obeys those things to support a world that is passing away.

The sign of Hosea was meant to convey to Israel, who had ceased to listen to God’s word, that their Lord was going to forgive the people of their transgressions. This had particular, prophetic relevance to his people.

In our day and age, God is speaking yet again, but to the people of our generation. The sign that God is showing the church is that He is coming for His bride and she will be taken from the church (world) to be with Him where He is. Thus, as a prophetic sign, some people are getting divorced through divine revelation.

Being a sign is a difficult thing. Jesus was a sign to the Jewish leadership of Jerusalem when he told them to “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” Those present assumed the Messiah was talking about the physical temple they all stood in, but in reality, Jesus spoke about His coming death, burial, and resurrection. Likewise, when I speak of Divine Divorce as a sign, it is a difficult thing for many people to understand, because they have been taught that all marriage is holy matrimony. However, what our Lord is demonstrating to His people is that His bride belongs to Him, and not the church or the world.

How do you know what is true?

How do you know if what I say is a true word or not? After all, a lot of people say a lot of things these days and, as with the 450 prophets of Baal, there was only one Elijah. The truth is, you can only know what is revelation and what is not, these days, by listening to the Holy Spirit yourself. We cannot rely upon others to live our spirituality. Counselors are good, advice can be listened to and considered, but there is no substitute for hearing the voice of God yourself. My responsibility is to share revelation. Your part in revelation is to let it bear witness to your spirit… or not, depending on what God says to you.

For those who are experiencing Divine Divorce, I want you to know that their may be a lot more going on than you just leaving a terrible, earthly marriage. There may be a bigger picture that you may have very little understanding of – yet. You may be a sign to yourself, your spouse, and the church around you of what God is about to do on the world stage.

Only God can tell you if Divine Divorce is the way forward

Lastly, divorce is always a very serious event with lasting results for all those involved. Be led of the Spirit and get proper legal advice, if possible. It should only be done if God is leading you personally to take that step. No one can tell you what to do, only God is wise enough to know if it is the way forward in your situation. Listen to Him and do what He says when He says to do it.


Big God by Terrian