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war on intimacy

The Devil Wants To Break Our Hearts


Why is there so much heartache in our relationships? After all, God made men and women to love one another, so why do we so often end up hurting those we are for? The truth is, there are evil entities called demons, who are conducting a war on intimacy through us.

Learning the origins of this war and finding out why Lucifer is trying to break the hearts is important. Finding out why God pairs us with a Divine Mate of His choosing is vital. Finally, understanding the importance of our destiny in God helps us to know how our decisions affect both our lives and the live of countless generations to come.



Joy unspeakable in the sides of the north

Originally, in the sides of the north, on the mountain of God, peace reigned and there was joy unspeakable Everyone loved one another and each member of the congregation was happy in their given role before God.

Periodically, as God desired, He created Seraphs, setting each over their own creation as a covering cherub. We don’t know how many there have been, only that we are the most current one. Lucifer, the most powerful of all, God set over all that He made in this creation.

Working with Seraphim

Things went pretty well during the laying down of the foundations of the earth with wisdom and understanding. Working with His Divine Mates, YHWH completed this cosmos and said: “It was very good”. Forming man from the earth, God placed him in a garden of delights east of Eden.

Descending from His sanctuary, God used to walk with Adam in the cool of the day, communing with His son. Any time Adam had a question, he simply asked God, who gave him wisdom liberally. Adam, curious about everything, felt like he needed to give names to the animals. While doing this, it became painfully clear to Him that every animal had a mate; that is, except him.

God says,

“And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.”

Genesis 2:21,22

Lucifer’s trouble with Eve

Eve was, how shall we say, unexpected. Up until her creation, nothing God did was particularly different from what He had previously done. However, Eve surprised and threatened Lucifer, for Eve was even more beautiful than her. Beholding God’s new creation, Luci instantly grasped the true significance of Eve, the first woman who could bring forth after YHWH’s kind.

As soon as the shock wore off, Lucifer’s rage set in. How dare YHWH create mankind to procreate with! Were not she and the other Seraphs enough? What do you mean that Adam and Eve will bring forth as the stars of heaven after YHWH’s kind! Jealousy turned to rage and rage turned to murder. In Luci’s mind, clearly Eve was a rival and she must be dealt with.

Satan’s war on intimacy

Thus began Lucifer’s great war on intimacy. Lucifer left her first estate and, seducing a third of the stars of heaven, attempted to challenge God Himself. However, Luci did not attack God directly, she attacked Him in the only place He was truly vulnerable: she broke God’s heart.

The Chief musician, the sum of all wisdom, perfect in beauty, became the first adulterer. None of the congregation had ever seen a Seraph, but Lucifer spread her wings and showed them everything, thus defiling herself with the multitude.

Seducing the host of heaven

We really have no idea how beautiful and seductive a Seraph is and can be. Such knowledge was and is exclusively reserved for YHWH Himself. Lucifer tempted the host of heaven to fall in love with her, seducing them with her great beauty and with the promise of heaven if they followed her. Shocked and mesmerized by that falling Seraph, many rallied to her cause and fell in league with the bright and shining one.

God, wounded beyond belief in his heart at the betrayal of His chief musician, retreated. Similar to Christ’s crucifixion, darkness covered the seven realms as YHWH turned away. Thankfully, those loyal to YHWH fought against those who joined Lucifer’s rebellion. All of the seven creations suffered violence, but none more than our own heavens and earth. In a cunning move, one designed to be her “coup de grace”, Lucifer tempted Eve to sin.

To be continued…

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