Hiker in Aconcagua National Park

God always has a plan, always.  That is to say, God never is caught off guard about any situation you face.  If God has indeed led you to where you are and the way forward seems impossible, obviously God knows information you do not and is about to do something you do not anticipate.

As we draw closer to Jesus we share more of His sufferings.  As that same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead starts to fill us, we begin to experience some of the same difficulties He faced.  One of the main challenges we encounter as God’s Spirit starts to move in us is that we begin to be out of sync with the people around us.  We start to act differently and do unexpected things, which are of God, but are not what the world expects of us.  We also begin to see things differently and from God’s perspective which again puts us at odds with those who don’t.  Just as Jesus said “let the dead bury the dead” we begin to put God’s calling and will above cultural obligations.  Less and less people understand us as we become more and more like Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

We find ourselves becoming outside of the norm and people come and tell us that we are crazy because of our actions and words.  However, it is not we who are crazy but they who are insane.  While our lives are coming into alignment with the Holy Spirit, their lives are still careening towards the precipice of Hell.  When we speak of heaven it upsets those who have not received the love of the truth and conflict arises not from the words we speak but from the truth they will not accept.

It is true that some Christians become prideful and take on a contentious spirit and that is not what I am speaking about.  I also understand that some become legalistic and try to force their interpretations of scriptures on others and I am not talking about that either.  What I am talking about is those Christians who are honestly humble and just wish to live Godly in Christ Jesus.  I am encouraging you that if you suffer as Jesus did for taking on His Father’s nature then great is your reward in heaven.

So you have followed God and now you find yourself in the odd situation of being on the outside of your church with many thinking that you have become a heretic of sorts.  What do you do?  Some, fearing man more than the Holy Spirit, give up what God has done and desperately try to regain the good graces of their peers.  Feeling little to no support for their actions or positions they simply give up on God and are again pulled down into mediocrity.  Others turn bitter and shut out the world because of the pain that those who should have loved them have caused.  Still others fade away and never again have the courage to launch out into the unknown even though they do not give up or give in to those who attack them.  Shunning is often times a terrible act of coercion and is a foul cruelty of the heart.  Unfortunately this is one of the main ways misguided leaders use to bring those who do not agree with them back into the fold.  I personally hate shunning with a passion.

When you find yourself alone with God simply turn to Him and ask Him to give you courage.  You will go through a mourning of natural ties that are broken and that is OK.  There will be fear about what you will do now and who you will fellowship with and that is also normal.  Anytime a man or woman is separated unto God for His purposes it removes them from the common place and brings them into the supernatural school of God.  It may be that you are the first from your group to experience God in new ways and thus those who lack faith attack you and this is also common.  Know this though, if God has called you to be a forerunner, He is with you in a very special way and has certainly gone before you.  All you have to do is follow.

God always rewards faith for it is lack of it that caused this world’s ills in the first place.  Many times God will just cause natural circumstance to work out in ways you could not have imagined when you step out to do His will.  If necessary, He will do a miracle and even violate the very physical laws of this universe on your behalf to make a way forward.  God is never without options and if He is moved by your faith, no mountain that stands before you can remain.

If you truly wish to become like Jesus, your life will change radically and those around you will wonder what is going on.  You will say and do things, perfectly in line with the will of God, which will cause people to want to throw you off a cliff.  You will be compassionate when they are critical and harsh when they see nothing wrong.  To walk with God is to walk alone in His secret places on high, far away from the realms of the common.  To be privy to His mysteries requires that you cleanse your mind of all that is not of Him and in so doing you begin to think not as the world thinks but as God thinks.  This is what it means to have the mind of Christ.

In conclusion, I know that it is difficult to be misunderstood and maligned for simply obeying the Holy Spirit.  Your heart breaks for those who do not understand the glories God is showing you and you desperately want your family and friends to know God as you do.  Be encouraged though because God is not through with anyone yet and if you are indeed a forerunner then it means they may catch up.  Here is a truth,


“The people you love may only have the opportunity to break out of their chains of bondage because you had the audacity and courage to do so first.”

With that in mind, take strength and courage from God our Father and lead the way so that, as you step out in faith, they may also see a way forward.