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How does one get to know God personally? After all, He is everywhere present, all knowing and all powerful, and He’d be a pretty handy Guy to be able to talk to.

Here is the key:

If you want to be around a busy person, start helping that person do what they are doing.

In other words, begin working with them on a project they are already doing, and they will take notice.

The key to having God talk to you is to simply be around Him. You need to do what He is doing and be where He is doing it. When you are around Him, you can open yourself up to listen to whatever He says, in whatever way he says it. Start talking to Him, then start really listening. Listen to the still small voice in your head and heart, pay attention to the gut feeling that is telling you to hug the person next to you. Don’t insist that things be your way only, but be open to consider a different way of looking at things if it is presented. Become sensitive to the very elements of your daily life and learn to hear God through them.

For me, the number 11:11 comes up on clocks around me all the time, and this tells me that I am in alignment with God’s will. It may seem silly, but that is how He has been saying that to me lately.

Begin to hear God by doing the things of God

Consciously begin to act out the beatitudes toward others, asking God, “What can I do for You today that You feel is important?” Most of the time, when you can’t hear God, it means you are not around Him. Go find out where He is and what He is doing, and then by virtue of proximity, you will start to hear His voice.

You are a mess. You know that very well. The really great thing, though, is God already knows you’re a mess and still loves you. In fact, Christ died for you way before you were even born and started becoming a mess. He had that much faith in you.

Look, the burden to do all these Christian things is not on you, but on God working through you. No man or woman can be great for God, the only thing we can do is let God be Himself through us. We listen, hear, and obey on time whatever He says, whenever He says it, with whomever He wants us to do it with.

That’s all, that’s it, and that’s how we have direct access to God.

We simply open ourselves up and allow Him to do His will through us. He likes that, because that is what we were designed to do. Allowing that to happen is a sure way to get His attention.

Having God talk to you is awesome

The great thing about having direct access to God is that you are no longer alone in your decision making. You now have access to someone who has perfect wisdom, knowledge, and loves you. You can rely on His judgment, because He truly wants what’s best for you–eternally.

In conclusion, if you want direct access to God, start doing the simple things He has already directed you to do. As you work together, you and Him will be great BFF’s (Best Friends Forever).



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