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My spiritual connection, Esther, said just the other day,

“Thinking creates a pause, a stuttering in the Spirit and this hinders us being true Spirit led Christians.  You cannot listen, hear and obey ON TIME when you are pondering what God prompts you to do. ‘Just do it’ is the way we are to obey and ‘just say it’ is the way to share revelation.”

What Esther says is profound because it removes the last vestiges of natural minded thinking from our walk with God.  We are to simply obey without thinking. When God speaks we simply believe.  Simply believing we move as His Spirit moves.  There is no “deciding” or even “pondering” necessary. In fact, thinking actually breaks the flow of His Spirit.

Jesus shows us how it is done

Jesus did whatever His Father commanded without question or forethought.  In fact, the only time we see Christ pause was in the Garden of Gethsemane when facing the cross.  Otherwise, I don’t think Jesus every questioned anything his Father every said to him at all.

When we command our leg or arm to move, it does not hesitate, it just does it instantaneously.  If we are Christ’s body, should we not do the same?  When did it become proper to question, examine, ponder, or otherwise insert ourselves between God’s commandment and our obedience?  When our natural bodies don’t obey the commands of our head we recognized that as a disease.  Similarly, when we do not obey the commands of Christ, we, his body are weak, sickly, and ineffectual.

Live by revelation not by thinking

This concept of immediate obedience without thought ties back to what I have been saying about living our Christian lives through revelation.  We must not live our lives by the knowledge of good or evil.  We must live our lives through revelation given by God at all times.   Mostly, when I am walking in the Spirit, I don’t make any decisions.  When it comes to making choices, I simply ask God and do whatever He says.  As I do that, I cease from my own works and become a vessel of the Most High.