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thought PoliceThere is a type of “thought policing” that takes place in various Christian circles that I believe is detrimental to our efforts to mature in Christ.  Some people, for various reasons, seem to believe that they are “contending” for the faith when they exclude those who do not agree with their particular brand of Christian doctrine.  They, in effect, become “thought police” and take it upon themselves to decide weather or not what others think is “correct” or “acceptable.”  Often times, they say they do this to “protect” others from deception.

However, the basic error that some make when they try to judge what is right and what is wrong and then enforce their viewpoint on others through various coercive measures, is that they should not be in the “thought policing” business in the first place.  Leading and guiding people into all truth is the business of the Holy Spirit.  People should be brought up to know the voice of God and to follow His voice and ignore false voices…on there own.  If ministers would concentrate on teaching their people to hear their Father’s voice and to trust their Father’s voice then there would be little need for “thought policing” in the first place.

This, of course, would mean that the present “thought police” would loose their position as disseminators of what is right and wrong.  This, in my view, would be a wonderfully freeing development for the body of Christ.  However, leaving each person to be taught directly by God often times strikes fear in those who mistakenly think that they have to protect God’s people from ubiquitous error.

This website was borne out of a need to provide somewhere that I could write about God that would be free of the “thought police.”  Here I can say what God puts on my heart without being dog piled by those who would seek to silence what I say.  I used to write on other sites thinking that some would benefit from the insight that I shared.  Unfortunately, these places were always strongly held by the local “thought police” that the discussions would quickly become vile and corrosive.  The objections of the “thought police” would become so shrill and personal that neither I nor anyone else could have a reasonable debate or discussion.

In the end the “though police” simply have to go.  They serve no function other than to hinder the body of Christ’s maturity.  They wreak havoc amongst those who would follow after the Holy Spirit and mature into the perfect man of Ephesians.  I used to try to believe that such self appointed arbitrators of truth had the best intentions but now days I simply believe they are, at the very least, unknowing pawns of the devil doing his bidding by damaging the body of Christ.

Be that as it may, we all have to seek God for ourselves knowing that we alone must give an account for our lives before the great white throne of God’s Judgement.  Let us focus on our personal relationship with our Father and His Son and turn a deaf ear to those who do not speak with His voice.