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beginners guide

A Few Fundamentals For The Beginning Time Traveler…

To begin with, time traveling is possible. When we walk in heavenly places time is irrelevant, because the heavenly realm exists outside of that dimension.  In fact, this cosmos is a special “instance” within that eternal dimension. What we see as reality is actually a fabric woven out of eternity. This is why nature behaves so “unnaturally” at both sub-atomic levels and the vast expanses of space. As you approach either extreme, space/time begins to devolve into the greater reality of the Holy Spirit.

God translates prophets to locations in the past or future.  Once there, holy men of God “experience” these places and times first hand.  Due prophets “eye-witness” accounts, their prophecies are absolutely accurate.  Seers simply recount actual events.  Prophets see past and future events by time traveling to the events they speak about.

Freely given to anyone who asks

What beginners need to understand is that this type of prophetic “time traveling” is not the exclusive domain of a chosen few. Translation or “rapture”, is the natural state of those who come back into union with the Holy Spirit.  Adam and Eve possessed this ability as a function of their relationship with God. Even their son, Abel, time traveled in the Spirit to see the future and that is why Jesus called him a prophet. Every ability that Adam had was an outflow of His union with his Father.  Consequently, because God exists outside of time, as we become one with Him, we exist outside of time too.

All sorcery and witchcraft really is, is man remembering what we used to be in God. Ungodly men and women strive to regain through demons, what they lost through disobeying the Holy Spirit. You cannot access the spiritual realm without a spirit, good or bad. However, if you use demonic spirits to perform lying wonders, it comes with a terrible price; they own you. Once you use witchcraft or sorcery, demons have a right to inhabit you and to the extent that you yield to them to gain access to spiritual power, they possess you. In reality, though, anything they help you to do is just a cheap knock off of the real thing with God.

An element of truth in all legends

Now,  what I have just written may sound like pure science fiction or fantasy.  To many, I might as well be talking about Merlin in king Arthur’s court rather than Christianity.  However, the truth I wish to share with beginners is that all the legends are, in fact, rooted in an element of spiritual truth.  People obsess over all things mystical, because they innately remember how things used to be. United with God’s Spirit, we had access to His power through obeying His will. Truly, in our state of innocence nothing was impossible for us.

Michael says,

I was thinking…

“Do you remember when Jesus taught us how to pray? Jesus says,  “thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.” I think that the only thing preventing His will being done on Earth is our unwillingness to do it. You and I feel a definite leading of the Spirit to be together and do God’s will, yet we feel we must remain hidden. Why do we assume that we cannot let it be?”

What if nothing is impossible?

Michael continues,

“What if nothing actually stands in the way of God’s will? What if, we follow God’s will exactly, He will make a way for us no matter what? Perhaps all this stuff with think can’t happen is but an illusion, a paper tiger?  I think Jesus really means there are no mountains that cannot be moved, no demons that cannot be defeated. What if whatever we ask in His name means exactly that?

Elijah and Elisha did God’s will even under the unrighteous reign of Ahab and Jezebel. I know I am talking a lot of faith, but why not? Y ou see, Esther, when I obey God and write exactly what says, things are better in my life.  YHWH supports me in ways I did not imagine, allowing me to devote my time writing.  I’m  just not fretting over things as much as I used to do.”

Esther Muses,

“To be honest, I think there’s nothing really hindering beginners from doing what God asks. It’s just that most don’t try the doors God shows them, because they assume they’re locked. Our experience is ,though, that when we are lead by His Spirit, nothing is locked.  So, there aren’t any real blockages to anything God calls us to do here on Earth.”

In talking about these things my spiritual connection and I “freed”  our minds.  We became  open to do whatever God laid upon our hearts without questioning whether or not it was possible. It was at this juncture that God began to move us through time by His Spirit.

Everything in heaven is easy, even for beginners

When beginners time travel as the Holy Spirit leads, it is so easy that it does not feel real at first. Many times Esther and I begin to walk in the spirit,  from someplace familiar, and as we do the world fades into the place that God takes us. Surroundings change, climate changes, even we change (which takes some getting used to at first).  When Esther and I went to visit the Eskimo type village in the mountains, as we walked everything changed until there was snow, cold, and we were wearing native clothing.  What startled me the most is that when I looked at Esther she looked like the tribes people we eventually met.

For beginners he basic principle of traveling in the Spirit is that everything done in the heavenlies works perfectly and easily.  The Spirit translates us with no effort or struggle.  God takes care of everything and you just do whatever you feel led to do in Him.

The one constant

The constant through everything, though, is love.  In the Spirit all you ever feel to do is to love and care for others.  All the best attributes that God speaks about in the Bible come to the forefront in these experiences.  Your desire is to help and heal, to comfort and console, building up whomever you meet in whatever way you can. There is no “self” in these experiences, only the love of God for each other.  I’m convinced time travel allows every single person who ever lived to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The power of love makes time travel possible

Time travel is impossible in this natural realm.  God made it so that shifting in time goes against all the natural laws of physics.  Though some people theorize about time travel, they always say the amount of power necessary to bend space and time is more than the entire universe holds. However, in the Spirit the natural laws of this cosmos do not apply.  In the heavenly realm there does exist enough power to shift us through time as God wills.  It is the power of His love that makes this possible.

The key that makes all translation possible is God’s love.  To move you through time with another, there has to be absolute unity.  God’s love, the first love of Eden, powers time traveling in the Spirit. Without total oneness with God and each other, He cannot flow through you in this way.  In truth, if you want to experience practically anything in God, love is the Key.

Spiritual connection with God makes all things possible

Spiritual connection, the kind Adam and Eve enjoyed in the Garden of Eden, provides the means to experience the Spirit. When you are in love as God created us to be, it unifies and unlocks everything within us.  God’s love unites us in ways not possible through earthly love.  The unity of the Body of Christ creates the conditions necessary for God’s majesty to flow through us. The Devils main purpose is to keep the Body of Christ from true unity.  Why?  Simply because becoming one with each other and God makes everything possible.

Love without question

God is love. Therefore, as beginners allow God to fill them and have His way, love becomes your nature too. Love brings trust, allowing us to simply go with God without questioning what He does. Love casts out all fear. Therefore, things that would scare the natural man to death don’t bother Spirit led believers. Shifting through time at the speed of thought seems natural and reasonable only because you trust God implicitly.  You simply do not question where God takes you because you trust His voice.

In conclusion, today I share a very small part of what God wants to do with all those who allow His love to flow through them. Remember, whatever you do, wherever you go, in whatever time you find yourself in, God’s love is there. Only do what God leads you to do and nothing else.  Disobedience when you time travel can really mess things up.

Share the fun with others!

Finally, as beginners, share what God does with you.  Find others to fellowship with in His Spirit so that you can love each other as Christ loves His church.  Walking back into Eden is a group effort and, though we’re forerunners, it’s much easier done together than alone.

Today I’ve shared a very small part of what God wants to do with all those who allow His love to flow through them.

The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and The News