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abundant love

How To Find Abundant Love In God

Everyone wants to be loved. However, many have trouble finding real love. This is true of believers and unbelievers alike. Today, I want to talk to you about real love and how to find it.

In this age, love is associated very strongly with sex. More specifically, with the act of lovemaking between a man and a woman. We are told through mass media that if you are good looking, you will be popular. Moreover, the general message out there is ‘if you are sexy, you will find love’.

The world says true love is hard to find

However, most people don’t really find much love and even less sex. When they are young they are usually sexually active, but find that when they marry, have kids, and grow older, their desire for sex wanes.

In the world, the view of real love usually follows this pattern:

  1. Intense physical attraction.
  2. Get to know a person’s soul (personality, character, values, etc.).
  3. Get to know them spiritually (this seldom occurs).

The world experiences scarcity of love

The other truth of mating in the world is that we all approach finding a mate from a standpoint of “scarcity.” That is, we view finding a mate as something we must strive to achieve, because true love hardly ever happens.

Therefore, when we approach finding a woman or a man to unite with, our world view is one of competition and struggle. When we do find someone we desire to be with, we must protect that relationship and keep others from loving that person. We do this, because we believe that if another person sees what we have, they will want to take him or her from us. We fear losing our love and being left without.

Movies and TV reinforce scarcity of love

When you watch movies or TV shows about young people and love, it is always a struggle to find love. Along the way there are many challenges and pitfalls, where even your best friend can become a threat. For some, their wedding day is more a celebration of their triumph of bagging a mate, than love.

Here is a truth,

“The way the world goes about finding love is the exact opposite of how God designed us to find love.”

In God, real love follows this pattern:

  1. We connect spiritually.
  2. We get to know a person’s soul.
  3. We mate only if the Spirit specifically leads us to.

For those who know the Tabernacle Blessing, love is abundant

For those who know the Tabernacle Blessing, they experience love from a standpoint of “abundance.” Tabernacle saints love everyone as God leads, thus we feel loved by many and not by a few or even just one. Men and women are free to hug and even kiss as the Spirit leads, never going beyond what the Spirit leads us to do. It is like we are walking in a field full of the most beautiful flowers imaginable and God leads us to find that one that is perfect for us.

In Tabernacles, love is not focused on the sexual act, because you receive most of your love through being one with God in others. Much of the problem with the world is that they only receive love through sex, but we receive love in many varied ways. We are free to hug, to kiss, to hold, to sit with, to spend time walking together, all as His Spirit leads. Our focus is not on the physical act, but on the spirit of the other and on knowing him or her as a person.

Tabernacle believers feel abundant love

We feel an abundance of love from everyone, and God meets our needs through the relationships He creates with them. Therefore, because we experience so much love, we don’t feel a need to control or possess it. A single diamond in a large field is a rare find for most, and when you find it, you want to keep it all for yourself. However, in a field made up entirely of diamonds, you would freely share them with others. The fact that there is one or many, does not diminish their beauty, it just changes our perspective on there scarcity. There is no need to hoard or fight for something that is plentiful. Likewise, when you are experiencing God’s love from many, you can afford to share your love liberally to others.

Abundant love can be yours, too

For many, this concept of having an over abundance of love seems impossible. Their experience is that if you find true love you have to possess and protect it. However, in the move of God that is coming upon the earth, we will find that everyone finds true love. In fact, they will experience more love than they can possibly keep to themselves.

In conclusion, whereas the world doesn’t have enough, Tabernacle saints have more than enough. As God’s love fills us, it overflows to others and fills them, too. The cascading effect of His Divine Love will be like rivers of living water flowing out of our spirits (bellies). God’s love is greater than Niagara Falls, so no amount of love we give or receive deprives anyone else from receiving as much love as they need, too. Amen.

Love by We Are Messengers