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true love

A Root Of Bitterness

There once was a woman, a friend, who was very bitter about a break up with her fiance. She always talked about her negative feelings all the time until it became difficult to be around her. One day, I felt to ask her if I could pray for her and she said yes. Putting my hand directly on her heart I prayed that Jesus would heal her. Her facial expression changed and she exclaimed, “It’s gone!”

Instantly, God took that bitterness away from her, healing her wounded spirit.  From then on she was a changed woman. Friends and family marveled at the night and day difference and praised God for her deliverance.

Love and deliverance go hand in hand

This all happened during the move of Tabernacles.  In that revival, the spiritual giftings which had lain dormant within each of us started to function. People opened up to one another as never before, allowing God to heal them in areas which had previously been too painful to let anyone touch. By the Holy Spirit, you would instantly and utterly trust the person that God was in and they trusted you. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

Many Christians are the “walking wounded.” We smile and say “Praise the Lord” even when we are dying inside like my friend was. She knew she was bitter but could not seem to let go of the hurt and pain until true love, God’s love, mended her heart. This is the type of Divine Love that a lot of people need to experience. People are often unable to let go of hurts in their lives, until God’s love shines through their brothers and sisters.

Let God’s true love dwell within

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, God dwells within you. However, until YHWH heals fully, often residual problems persist, hindering us.  I remember when I experienced His Divine Love I would forgive anyone because I loved everyone. Meeting complete strangers, I would hug them spontaneously, because I felt God’s love for them.

The wonderful thing about “love from above” is that you don’t have to earn it.  God already loves you, therefore,  He looks at you as someone precious and worth doing anything to save and cherish.  This makes complete sense, because after all, He asked his only begotten son to die in our place on the cross of Calvary.

God’s love is a separate and distinct experience you can ask to receive just like you asked to be saved or Spirit-filled. I encourage everyone to seek this gift, for when true love touches your heart, God sets everything right and makes you truly whole again.

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