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true spiritual unity


In this installment of  real world, spiritual connections. I began this chronicle just after Esther and I came back from our spiritual journey to the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Heaven. I felt that others may benefit from learning how God’s divine love flows through connections.  Here, as must as possible we lay bare the spiritual experiences, the hearings that take place, and the challenge  we face. God bless, Michael

Michael said,

“That last post was hard to write. I think that is the furthest I have ever been from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

We have been conditioned all our lives to live by reason.  Our five senses are held to be truth and everything that cannot be “proven” by the scientific method falls either into the realm of religion or the paranormal.


Lately, through my spiritual connection with Esther, God has flooded my mind with revelation.  I seem to do more revelating than thinking these days.  God desires for His people to live by revelation and not by their own reason. Consequently, the Holy Spirit leads me progressively away from what I know on earth to what He reveals of heaven.

The Spirit of our Father leads both Esther and I into true spiritual unity as we allow His love to flow through us.  As each layer of the world falls off in the light of God’s love, we slowly become who we really are.

True intimacy

When I speak of intimacy I do not mean sexuality, I mean true spiritual unity.  Though our bodies often react to strong spiritual experiences we are really not cognizant of any sexual tension at all. Claiming this seems so foreign to most worldly male/female relationships where there is always an undercurrent of sexual desire.  While I wouldn’t hesitate to kiss Esther if I felt to, we are simply not led that way at this point in time.

I commented to Esther about how comfortable she feels in the spiritual realm.  How to her, it is like a fish to water.

I said,

“Yeah…good to have an outlet.  Amazing that you energize me and I energize you this way.  Like there was a room I didn’t want to go into without company.”

Esther replied,

“Totally, God and you taking over my mind and taking me places which seemed out of bounds before.

I said,

‘I’m lovin it. Frankly, I am really practicing saying exactly what comes to me with you.  Sometimes I have to force myself to do it, but it is getting easier.”

Being authentic

Intimacy seems to be the focus of our spiritual relationship right now. The more we allow ourselves to be authentic with each other, to truly open up, the more God’s Spirit opens up to us as well. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to “modify” what I feel to say and God then corrects me.  We are each wanting to simply yield everything we are to true spiritual unity.

You want me to lay my hands where?

For example, when Esther and I first came together, she experienced a demonic attack.  I prayed with her for a couple of hours and different demonic manifestations surfaced as we sought God. At one point, I felt in the Spirit to lay hands on her genitals and rebuke demons.  However, having just met here, my natural mind kicked in and I shied away from doing what God commanded. Instead, I just told Esther to lay her own hands wherever she felt she needed deliverance.

The upshot of all that is I literally felt badly for weeks because I did not do exactly what God said!  Talk about a natural mind bender. This went on for weeks until I felt so convicted I confessed that I had been afraid to do what God commanded and I apologized! Instead of being shocked or embarrassed, to my surprise Esther took it in stride as if it was no big deal.  Esther’s reaction made me realize that if I had obeyed we both would have felt fine about it. God, if I had obeyed, would have delivered her of whatever demonic stronghold was present.

Coming back around to it

Interestingly enough, just after our heavenly journey in the spirit, a few weeks later, Esther felt physical pain, like giant needle, stabbing her in exactly the same region. This time, still in the Spirit, I reached down into her right side and grabbed hold of what looked like a long, thin rod.  In the spirit, it reminded me of those stick bugs from the Amazon jungle.  This “thing” was lodged inside her body on the right side down by her uterus.  I literally had to yank it out with, what felt like, quite a bit of force.  When I looked at in the spirit,  the darn thing was alive!

Esther, by this time, was in quite a bit of physical pain even though these events took place in the spirit.  This stick bug thing, what I assumed was some kind of demon, lay and the floor and I killed it, crushing it with my heal. Very gross.

Yeah, it seems fine to me

For both of us, this was completely new territory.  Not only had we just visited the throne room of God (holy of holies) but now I was doing spiritual surgery and pulling out demons near her private parts.  Yet, for all the apparent weirdness in retrospect, it all seemed perfectly normal in the spirit at the time.  Truly the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had left the building some time ago.

When you go from theoretical Christianity to true spiritual unity, things become clear pretty fast.  As we experience the spirit together we simply don’t want to be anywhere else.  Being with each other feels so right, everything else seems a bit shabby in comparison.

True Spiritual Unity

I literally feel Esther inside me all the time.  It sounds mystical until you experience it. As it happens you feel, “well of course, this is the way it is supposed to be.”  Maybe what is going on is that, through our spiritual connection, we are beginning to experience the unity of the Spirit.  The scripture in Ephesians isn’t talking about simple agreement between brethren but an actual unity in the Spirit! Not just a concept but a literal spiritual experience! I in her and she in Me, and one in Him!

In conclusion, much of Christianity is ineffectual because it lack true spiritual unity.  It is natural men trying to figure out spiritual things and, guess what, out pops religion.  True Christianity is experiential and visceral.  I am not reading the scriptures these days, I am living them.

Finally,  God works through intimacy to bring people close enough to receive His Divine Love, His very nature.  God is not up in the heavens so much as He is dwelling in each one of us, through His Holy Spirit, waiting to hold us in each other arms.  If you want to know where Jesus is right now look in the eyes of your brother or sister.  Amen.

Revolutionary Love by The Dave Crowder Band