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1. We are all under spiritual attack.

On one hand you might be thinking, “Of course,” but on the other hand, I believe that most of us are not aware of how severe it is. Moreover, if we don’t know the level of the demonic attack, we tend to blame people for their actions, rather than realize they are as much victims as we are.

While individuals do bear responsibility for their actions, knowing the circumstances surrounding their actions can help mitigate how angry we become towards them. It is like giving someone a “pass” when they say something unkind because you understand they have had a rough day. It is surprising what undeserved grace can do for a person who is feeling terrible for acting out.

2. The end still doesn’t justify the means.

Or, in old English, “shall we do evil that good may come of it?” Regardless of how bad you believe you may have been wronged, it is still not proper to behave like the devil in return. Everyone is human and we all make mistakes, but compounding either our or others mistakes by more bad behavior is not a way forward. Remember to turn the other cheek.

3. Might does not make right.

We do not serve a god of force, but the God of love. Just because we can do a thing, doesn’t mean we should do a thing. Oppression is not of God and forgiving another, especially when we have the ability to get back at them, is a trait of our Father. Emulate it and be kind to others even when they don’t deserve it. Give even when there is no possibility of return. One thing I know about my Father is that you can’t out-give Him.

4. The French Revolution was not the birth of democracy, but a preview of the fall of the antichrist empire.

While the ideals of fairness and equality are good, the implication of those concepts by fallen men are not. The French Revolution came about through the aristocracy spending France into oblivion through war. That, coupled with a series of poor harvests, made the people desperate. Add to that the publication of a new form of mass communication called the ‘Encyclopedia’ and the stage was set for a Reign of Terror.

This debacle is the blueprint for a world-wide “French Revolution” style event that is on everyone’s horizon in this generation. The world is on the verge of bankruptcy. The crashing of the economic system will bring about mass misery and starvation. The internet is just a bigger form of what the encyclopedia was to France: Unrestricted access to information embedded with progressive propaganda. All this will lead to a world wide reign of terror.

What solved the French Reign of Terror? Napoleon. What will solve the coming world wide reign of terror? The Antichrist.

God will prevail, and the antichrist will face his own Waterloo, but the world will be in shambles. Thank God for the millennium.

Hear what the Spirit is saying

In conclusion, in the midst of Strong Delusion, only Strong Revelation can light our way. We need to train ourselves to trust God more than we trust our own reason for, in these latter days, if we will not hear His voice, we will follow the voice of another.