You have to try

You have to try


One of my motto’s is, “you have to try.” To me this means that you just have to give whatever you want to do your best shot. Nothing is for certain, nothing is for sure, but if you give it all you have chances are you will succeed. In fact the only guarantee of failure is doing nothing at all!

What makes Peter’s act of faith so notable is not hat he failed but that he tried.  His belief that, if Jesus was calling, he could do the impossible, sets him apart.  Peter’s reckless faith stands as an enduring testimony to his willingness to try anything if Jesus was involved.


Sometimes, you have to try


So my friend, this is how it is with us too.  We listen to what Jesus says and then act upon His word. Whether it be written or spoken, if Jesus says “come” we simply trust without knowing the outcome.

Believers step out in faith, doing the improbable, because they believe that all things are possible. They hear God’s voice and trust Him with their very lives.  They violate the laws of this universe,  because they have tasted of the world to come. The question I ask you today is this: are you willing to listen to what God has said to you right now? If so, I am 100% with you, for that is where true miracles begin to take place.