MongoliaI remember sitting in a Bible College class, I think it was a class about the Holy Spirit, and our teacher said “someday, the Soviet Union will open up to the gospel.” Now this was before the Iron Curtain fell and the USSR broke apart. I had read “God’s Smuggler” by brother Andrew and “The Persecutor” by Seigei Kourdakov and I knew that opposition to the spread of the gospel under communist rule were very harsh indeed. Yet, as my teacher spoke those words, and I looked towards the world map on the wall, my spirit lept within me, and I knew the words He spoke were true.

For many years the desire to travel to Russia burned within me and I remembered that prophecy when Russia disintegrated. I was in Texas at the time walking in the prophetic office and I met a older man who had ministered in Russia and was about to go back. I asked him to go but God would not let him take me. As I heard about the open door in post communist Russia I felt jealous of those who were able to be there for that momentous event.  An entire country suddenly open and thirsty for knowledge of God.  What a thrill it must have been to share Christ with people who were eager to reconnect with God.

Perhaps because of the apostolic gifting that I currently walk in I sense when God’s Spirit is moving in different parts of the world. Or perhaps I just feel drawn to certain places because our Father is about to do something there. About ten years ago, as I sat in a wooden boat on the shores of Lake Victoria, God spoke to me and said He was going to send me to Mongolia. Being as I had just arrived in Kenya I thought that was fairly odd and protested a bit. However, like my drawing to Russia before an effectual door was opened for the gospel I cannot shake the drawing I feel towards Mongolia.  I pray in Jesus name that I will not miss this move of His Spirit.

Not just Mongolia but specifically Oglii in western Mongolia. Now, I don’t speak the language (in fact I am not good in languages) and I am aware that there is not even much of a town in Olgii (although it does have an airport.) So, in my natural man I cannot imagine what God could possibly do with me or through me there.  However, I know I must go.

Likewise, there is a certain street in the northern part of Urumqi in northwestern China that I have seen in a vision. It is part of an industrial area and in my vision I am standing on a building looking down onto a street that seems deserted. Unlike a dream this vision never goes away and I can see it clearly even when I am awake many years later.

In Kazakhstan there are two cities I am suppose to visit also. One is Semipalatinsk, northern Kazakhstan  and the other one is near the Aral sea in Southwestern Kazakhstan.

The natural man always tries to fit what God says into some kind of logical framework to try to make sense of why He says what He says. However, I find that when I do that I am almost always wrong. What I do know though is that I need to take real world action to go to these places and make myself available to do whatever God might have up His sleeve. I have also come to believe that we must take risks and step out in faith to fulfill the will of His Spirit if we are every to have success. All the troubles Paul had on his missionary journeys were just part of the package and pessary inconvenience along the way to accomplishing the will of His Father.

For right now I am simply writing the vision and continuing my work in East Africa. Although I feel I will be in Central Asia fairly soon I have no idea of how I will actually function when I get there. Perhaps (my natural mind hoping once again) that some spirit filled, Holy Spirit led Christian will happen upon this essay and feel led to join with me in this effort. However, most likely, I will just show up, put my feet on the ground, asking God where to go and whom to speak to. All we can do is try and the rest is up to God.

In conclusion, I encourage those who read this to simply believe what God tells you and then put action to your belief. We cannot know the end from the beginning  but we can at least trust our Father and take Him at His word. We are living in a present Testament in which, if we have the audacity to believe, greater works than Christ did will be done through us. We will live and thus create our own book of Acts. This will be the result of the unified body of Christ coming together as one. This oneness will stem from becoming one with our Father through the experience of Divine Love. Perfection of the Spirit, through His Spirit, is our future. Amen