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undiscovered country

We must go and see!

Whereas, in Hamlet, the undiscovered county speaks of death, in God’s kingdom the undiscovered country we seek speaks of life eternal.  Whereas many think of death as their end we know that we sleep only to wake up in the resurrection to a New Heavens and New Earth wherein dwells righteousness.

This undiscovered country is the world to come. It is the new creation of God and it is the reason that we must become a new creation in Him. This new world, this undiscovered country, is the place that Jesus went to create for us after his death, burial, and resurrection. In this new world there is fullness of joy, love, and peace for eternity. The former things are passed away and, behold, all things are made new.

A new life in a new creation

Through earnest of our inheritance, we begin to taste of this new life. When we received the the gift of speaking in other tongues we are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.  This means that our down payment of what our lives will be in that new place is sure and settled. That same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead will quicken (make alive) our mortal bodies at the resurrection.

One of the major aspects of undiscovered country in Christ is our relationships with each other. In the New Heavens and New Earth we are neither married nor given in marriage. However, that does not mean that we do not have relationships. All it means is that something greater than earthly marriage has come and that we operate differently in that area.  Spiritual connections, those we experience on earth between members of the Body of Christ, is a foretaste of those heavenly unions.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

In the world to come, everything happens in accordance with the Holy Spirit. Perfect unity with God and man is the rule of that day.  Consequently, God governs even our interpersonal relationships by His Spirit.  How we interact with each other, show affection, and even procreate, is led by the Holy Spirit.

There will be children

One of the common misconceptions about the New Heavens and New Earth is that we somehow lose our sexuality and ability to bear children. This is not so. God commanded us, not once, but twice to go forth and multiply. Likewise, in the new world that same commandment will still apply. Therefore, after we receive glorified bodies, bodies which are reset to what they would have been if Adam never knew sin, we bear children.

No more pain in childbirth

Women will not have pain during child birth and their conception rate will reset to the pace that God originally intended before the curse. Most likely women will ovulate once a year or as the Spirit determines. Men and women will mate and form paired relationship as God leads them to. Our marriage relationships from this creation continue in the new creation if they are God ordained.

In this creation, when we spiritually connect, we begin to live like we will in the New Heavens and New Earth.  This is why spiritual connections often supersede the bounds of earthly marriage. Natural minded people look at how men and women spiritually unite and often times cry foul because Divine Love seems to disregard the marriage covenant.  The fact is that our relationships by God’s Spirit do take precedence over our earthly relationships. What would be inappropriate in a natural sense is perfectly acceptable in spiritual connections because of their origin.

Spirit led relationships in this undiscovered country

In the New Heavens and New Earth we interact with each other as the Holy Spirit leads. From friendship to marriage, we allow God to form and manage our relationships. It is not like we are automatons, but rather we just flow with Him because it is our desire to do so. Perfect union of flesh and Spirit like Jesus was and is.

All forms of intimacy will be spirit led too. The Spirit will lead and guide us as to what degree of physical expression we will give to each and every individual. From kissing to actual intercourse, our expressions of love will be according to how the Spirit leads us. Whether or not to mate, how often and with whom, will flow out of an innate sense of God’s will. Children born in the world to come will come from these Spirit-led relationships. Perhaps we will stay with one person exclusively for a few thousand years and then feel to be with another after that. We really do not know how our mating habits will work in the world to come other than that they will be as God leads us.

Love does not seek its own

Spiritual connections are not jealous. They bear all things, hope all things, and believe all things. The love between spiritual connections does not seek its own. Therefore, no matter what the marital status of your connection, the aspect of possessiveness, which is present in many earthly marriages, do not figure in. If you find that you are being possessive of your connection then realize that you are not walking in the Spirit.

What if the spouse of your connection objects to your spiritual union?  In this instance all you can do is be led by the Spirit for only He knows what to do in such a sensitive situation. The fact of the matter is, people marry out of the will of God. Thus, you have natural-minded marriages that are often less than perfect and perhaps even against the will of God altogether.

God is sovereign over all

The Holy Spirit is sovereign. When God connects you with a person who has a jealous spouse, His will overrides their natural objections. Having said that, remain sensitive to God. Be careful to only do what God leads you to do no matter how ugly the spouse may become. If you revert to your natural mind during conflict you may do a lot of harm. Do not press on just because God “connected  you”.  On the other hand, don’t stop seeing your connection just because their spouse throws a fit.  As in all things, be Spirit-led.

Keep your eyes upon the pearl of great price, Jesus Christ

In conclusion, do not allow natural-minded people to steal your ability to explore this undiscovered country. We can never placate the devil in those who refuse to allow God’s Spirit to have His way. God does not demand that we stay with those in Egypt because they refuse to leave it.  Do not sacrifice your eternal life for those who are bent on making the Lake of Fire their eternal torment.  Just do as God leads and let Him take the responsibility for your actions at the Great White Throne judgement. Amen.

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