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unholy intimacy

Do You Find This Woman Attractive?

There is a spirit of unholy intimacy at work in the world.  It manifests in many different ways in our daily lives.  Most people don’t realize the depth of unholy intimacy because they’ve grown up with it.  To them, perversion is simply part of their daily lives.  However, when compared with Holy Intimacy, a stark contrast appears.

Unholy intimacy

Unholy intimacy is an expression of the Antichrist spirit.  The Antichrist Spirit is, in turn, the character of Satan herself.  What set Satan off in the Garden of Eden was intimacy between God and mankind.  When Satan realized that His Lord intended to become one with mankind, she went into a rage.  “Was not she enough for God?” Satan thought.  After all, she was the bright and shining one, the sum of all wisdom, perfect in beauty.  Now, however, Adam and Eve could give God something she could never do; i.e. children after His kind.  Pride now morphed into hatred and murder as the Serpent tempted Eve to sin.

Therefore, since the garden, fallen lucifer hates all forms of Holy Intimacy.  Most of all, Satan loathes Divine love.  In retaliation to God’s Holy Intimacy, the Devil debases love, creating unholy intimacy.  Love is supposed to a sacrament between and man, woman, and God. Instead, Satan perverts intimacy it into every form of debauchery imaginable.  Here is a truth,

“All sexual sin has one aim: to prevent true, godly intimacy from taking place amongst God’s people.”

Degrading that which God made perfect

Perversion is, at its core, unholy intimacy.  Unholy intimacy takes what our Lord made good and uses it in ways He never intended.  The fact that perversion is fast becoming a societal norm signifies the rise of Antichrist.

The true Body of Christ embraces Divine Love because that is God’s nature.  The church of Philadelphia’s very characteristic is brotherly love.  God creates us to receive His love through one another.  Godly intimacy is inextricably linked with the unity of the body of Christ.  As we become one with God and each other, we become love because He is love.  Satan, through unholy intimacy, desires to prevent union between God and His Bride.  When we associate intimacy with sin, we naturally want to steer clear of it.  However, and very suprizingly to most people. steering clear of intimacy prevents us from becoming one with God.

The Devil fears the Body of Christ becoming one

The unity of the Spirit results from oneness with God.  Oneness with God goes far deeper than most people realize. Becoming one with God means oneness in body, soul and spirit.  As we are one with YHWH, He flows through us unhindered.  We literally do whatever our Lord desires.  A transparent Body of Christ means not one, but millions of believers walking the earth like Christ.  Therefore, Emanuel 2.0 spells certain doom to Satan’s earthly kingdom.

The son of perdition, which is the proxy for that old she-devil, promotes every conceivable form of Unholy Intimacy.  Unfortunately, most pastors and teachers fear Holy Intimacy because they partake of unholy intimacy themselves to various degrees.  Mind you, unholy intimacy is not just perversion in the traditional sense of the word.  Unholy Intimacy can the presence or absence of godly affection.  This is why those who take a vow of celibacy practice a form satanic anti-intimacy. The rampant child abuse amongst the priesthood is a result of this. Priest’s prevent their seed from accomplishing Gods will and nuns refuse to concieve, practicing one of the worst forms of unholy intimacy.

Unholy intimacy is incompatible with Divine Love

The great falling away results from a division within humanity over Divine Love.  Those who embrace intimacy with God and each other find themselves at odds with the everyone else who does not.

God says,

And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.”

Revelation 17:5,6

The Harlot Church is already present and functioning the world, it’s just that most people do not yet see it as evil.  The drunken woman of Revelation is the churches you see on every street corner. Catholics and protestants as well as other forms of beliefs are the world super church.  In fact, any group of people who do not hear nor do the will of God’s Spirit are part of the Harlot Church.  Though some of the Elect still remain in Mystery Babylon, soon they will have to come out and be seperate, says the Lord.

Satan loves only herself

In conclusion, the Antichrist hates Holy Intimacy.  The Antichrist love’s himself above all others.  Homosexuality is the hallmark of his government.  In fact, the fully realized government of Satan will make even Sodom and Gomorrah blush.  This change is already here, coming to fruition before our very eyes.  Our decent into darkness of soul only accelerates as unholy intimacy reaches epic proportions. Ireland elected its first gay minister and the world acts as if that is an achievement.  Homosexuality is not a human right, it is the epitome of unholy intimacy.

I speak about this topic not to be salacious, but to warn those who have ears to hear.  In the coming days the dividing line between heaven and hell is Divine Love.  One group becomes the Bride of Christ while the other group becomes followers of the Beast.  God keeps His love out of the great tribulation while those who hate Him suffer through it.

Hellfire sung in the Hunchback of Notre Dame