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Back to the Garden

God's love

 Here is a truth,

The unity of the spirit brings about unity of the faith and will manifest (reveal) itself through having physical communities on Earth.”

The communal living of the first century church in Jerusalem was a natural byproduct of spiritual unity. People congregated together simply because they did not want to be apart.  The first century church experienced all three spiritual fulfillment’s of the natural feasts: forgiveness, speaking in other tongues, and oneness.  It is this last experience, oneness with God, that generated the desire to live together and have all things in common.

Having all thing in common

Since that time many groups have tried to emulate the first century churches model of having all things in common.  Most have failed because they lacked the same spiritual experience that those in Jerusalem shared.  The only thing that makes living together and sharing all that you have possible is Divine Love. When man tries to live together without God’s Love, our fallen nature finds a way to break through. Only when we allow the nature of God to flow through us, are we able to be one with each other.

Man’s control cannot bring unity

In present day Christendom, large organizations exist through man-made control. The larger the group of people the more top down authority must be exercised over them to function properly. The largest example of this type of man made domination is the Catholic Church.  In order to exercise unity, however imperfectly, the Pope has to claim to be the Vicar of Christ and to speak Ex Cathedra.  This false claim of God’s authority has led to all manner of abuses and atrocities.

God’s love inevitably results in unity

The true unity of the Spirit flows from the Spiritual experience of Tabernacles. When you become one with God through yielding your entire heart, mind, and body to Him, you become love because He is love. This love does not seek its own but bears all things, believes all things, and hopes all things.  This type of heavenly love never fails.  Divine love unifies everyone with God. When everyone is one with God they are one with each other too. This unity of Spirit leads naturally to a unity of faith.

The tabernacle movement, as long as it continues in God’s love, will naturally result in communal living.  We do not yet know what form this will take but it will surely be a feature of this revival. People will automatically pool what they have so that they can live with each other.  This will, in turn, release tremendous resources and talents into the ministry and suddenly, everyone will have more than enough.  As we let go of our earthly treasure so that we can find Christ in each one of us, we will find satisfaction. Just finding the presence of God in each other will bring a peace that passes all understanding to our beings.

Be fitly joined to one another in Christ

Connections, made by the Holy Spirit, between individuals will form the basis of these communities.  As people join together, through the agency of the Spirit, they will naturally want to be near each other. God’s love will choose who to connect and to whom.  This will feel as natural as speaking in other tongues because it is God who does it. People will connect across genders, ages, social status, and locations. God will connect His body as He sees fit, regardless of what man thinks.  We will supernaturally join together as one because our Father in heaven is one.

This type of supernatural unity will unleash the dynamic strength of the Body of Christ.  The gifts of God will operate at levels that match and even go well beyond the first century church. Gifts that have never even been identified, which are completely new, will flow through God’s people.  At this time, nothing will be impossible for us because God is made manifest through us.

What the Devil fears most

The unity of the Body of Christ is what the Devil fears more than anything else.  As long as we are fragmented we are weak and pose no real threat to Satan’s earthly dominion.  However, when the man-child of Revelation chapter 12 is born in a day, the dragon is in for real trouble.  The spiritual fulfillment of the feast of Tabernacles, which is God’s love, is what causes this group of overcomers to be unified quickly.  Like the restoration of the spiritual fulfillment of the feast of Pentecost, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, circled the globe in less than a year, The restoration of Divine Love will be an even quicker work.  Mass unity will proceed out of mass love.  Greater works than even Jesus did will manifest through God’s unified bride. In Him, Jesus, nothing shall be impossible for us.

Right now most Christians live far below what they are capable of because they try to live their spiritual life through their natural man.  One cannot live in the Spirit when they walk in the flesh. Many are slaves to their natural minds and only live out Christianity through what seems reasonable to their intellect.  As I have said before, the knowledge of good is just as deadly as the knowledge of evil. Doing what seems right to yourself, even in the religious realm, is sin. This is why the “over emphasis” on teaching is killing God’s people and literally preparing them to receive the Antichrist as their false lord and savior.

And I show you a still more excellent way: God’s love

Thankfully, though, there is a better way. When you listen, hear, and obey on time, you begin to live by revelation.  You return to the way God meant people to live.  We come back to our pre-fallen state of living by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of our Father.  As we do this we become one with God’s love and are remade back into His image and likeness.  When we are faced with a situation that we do know how to deal with, we do not figure it out ourselves, but simply ask God. Whatever God says we do, trusting that He knows all and He knows best.

In conclusion, the message of Tabernacles is a present truth.  It is part of a present testament that the Holy Spirit is giving to His people so that they can be one in God’s love. It will lift you out of your mental rut and allow God to access your mind directly. Many cling to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil fearing to leave it for very long. However, God beckons you back to the tree of life, which is Jesus, so that you can be made one in him. It is time to trust God more than we trust our own minds so that the life of God can flow through us.  It is time, in Jesus name, to come back to the garden.

How can I apply this teaching to my life?

In invite you to open your spiritual eyes and truly see where God’s love is taking mankind. Do you remember the “summer of love?”  The flower children of the 60’s was a manifestation of man’s innate desire to return to simplicity. The unity of the hippie movement, however flawed it was, was a reflection of our shared desire to become one.  We all desire to become part of something more than our individual selves. This is what God is about to do, for real, in His people. This yearning and desire to walk in the cool of the day with our God and one another is about to be fulfilled in ways we cannot yet imagine.

I promise you, having tasted of  God’s love, that it is a good land and, since God has gone before us, we are well able to possess it. Let go of your natural mind and listen to what Joni Mitchell is really saying (even though she may not even realize it herself.) Allow God show you what He has in store spiritually for His people.  May the Holy Spirit lead you into this truth.


Woodstock by Joni Mitchell