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up on the mountain

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Ministry Isn’t Difficult

True ministry is never easy; anyone who says it is either lying or trying to sell you something.  The demonic powers that be, never, ever give up territory willingly.  Anything we do for God that matters, is done through a lot of sacrifice, perseverance, and grace.

After having the shit kicked out of me by the enemy of our souls, I am truly exhausted, discouraged, and at my wit’s end.  I am telling you this, not to give glory to the devil, but to let you know ministry is difficult.  Therefore, when this type of opposition happens to you, don’t think you’re the only one.

There’s a valley in between every mountain top

Every mountain top you experience comes with a valley in between.  The higher you climb with God, the deeper these demonic rifts sometimes become.  However, just realize you are not odd or alone in your depression,  all real men and women of God have experienced similar challenges.

All you can do, often times is pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and give yourself a chance to do it better next time.  Even though Peter failed to walk on water, at least he tried.

God’s Spirit is strong even though you feel weak

Our flesh is weak, but God’s Spirit is strong. In and of ourselves we can do nothing.  When we are weak, God is strong.  It often times feels like hell, but fully half of these essays have been written as I have been in the valley of despair.  Some of the most profound insights and revelations occurred when I’ve struggled the most.

God always repays

In conclusion,  there is one thing I am completely sure of, God always comes through.  Moreover,  our Lord always repays our faithfulness and sacrifice.  There is nothing you’re currently doing for or giving to God that will not be made right now or in the world to come.  Amen.

Up To The Mountain by Patty Griffin