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Temple Visitation Introduction

God writes,

“And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.”

Revelation 11:19

On Earth, solid objects cast shadows.   Likewise, in the spiritual realm, heavenly objects cast shadows into this creation. The temple in the wilderness, Solomon’s temple, and Ezekiel’s temples are all shadows of the greater temple in heaven.

Caught up into heavenly places (2 Corinthians 12:2)

Paul says,

“I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.”

Throughout biblical history, God gave many heavenly revelations to His servants. Recently, in a similar manner, Michael and Esther, though physically half way around the world, connected through technology sharing a profound spiritual experience. How would Paul describe this modern-day technology it is hard to know, but He might not find it as strange as we may think.  Keep in mind Paul’s personal history of being stoned and raised from the dead, and being caught up into the third heaven.

Write the vision (Habakkuk 2:2)

Michael and Esther are spiritual connections, bound together by the Divine Love of their Savior, Jesus Christ.   After a discussion concerning the boundlessness of His Spirit: how He can heal and deliver; love and comfort; and how God is not constrained by the thoughts or rules of man; they decided this was the day for their great experiment. Asking the Holy Spirit to lead and guide and show them whatever He pleased with no constraints or questions, they stepped out. This sounds like the opening prayer of any church service around the world on Sunday morning, but they were unprepared for the answer that came.

Caught up into realms above (Revelation 1:10)

(Michael Narrates throughout the following account)

To begin with, we were both in Spirit, in the clouds, in another place.  Esther stood beside me, but her form was different, almost transparent.  We were still separate people but merged when we touched. It felt like we were more the essence of ourselves than anything else. However, the only thing solid about us was what defined us as individuals.

Michael, looking to Esther said, “So where are we, what do you see?”  She said, “I see lights.” After a moment Michael observed, “I see clouds and a horizon.” “I don’t feel we are on the ground though, and you don’t look the same either.”  Esther, looking around, remarked, “There are lights floating and bustling around us, one seems to be observing us in an inquisitive way.”

The Father of lights (James 1:17)

Esther, I urged, “reach out to it, see how it reacts.”   Esther, “Seems odd, we are like “us” but not in human form and these lights, these shapes seem similar.”  Looking at the lights Michael mused, “I wonder why they are so indistinct?”

One of the lights took hold of Esther’s hand and Michael said, “come here, a bit closer to me. let it take hold of you.”

(At that time, Michael started listening to, Walk With Me by Kim Walker)

When the spiritual being took hold of Esther she said, “I felt something physically shoot down through me and my stomach almost like it would have lifted me up if I didn’t have a body.” Michael said, “it affected your spirit, must be angelic.” Esther wrote, “It is heavenly and all these lights must be inhabitants here, they seem gentle and friendly”   Continuing, Esther said, “this may sound odd, but they seem like those aliens on the movie “cocoon” I agreed, “yes, they do not seem very solid, perhaps we just can’t see that well in the spirit yet.”

A different kind of sight (2 Kings 6:17)

Seeing in the Spirit is like peripheral vision but in a spiritual sense. For me, anyway, I see with my spiritual eyes which this other indistinct body has, but even then, it is difficult to get accustomed to.  Spiritual sight resembles being in two places at once.  The physical fades as the spiritual realm becomes more present than earthly reality.

Talking with Esther again, I noted, “I am trying to look at you.  It is you but not you, it is like the essence of  you.”  Continuing, “I wonder if we can move from here, I would like to go down there” Esther, “I think the spirit light wants us to go with it.” Michael, “Let’s go, I’m curious.” “It is like a picture changing, I feel the atmosphere changing,” Esther said as they began moving in the Spirit.

The temple of heaven (Revelation 11:19)

Sensing movement we seemed to speed upwards.  We had no idea where we were going either. Before us, like huge wings, a doorway in heaven swung wide as we both entered through. Looking, steps seemed to materialize and become solid.  Though difficult to see at first, what caught my eye was all the greenery that materialized around us.

“Father, show us the way,” Michael said quietly.

It seemed like we were in the temple of heaven.  The shocking thing about it (oddly enough) was that there was so much vegetation.  On Earth, recreations of the different temples of Israel always seemed bare and austere. However, lush greenery seemed to be the norm everywhere.

A light unto my path (Psalm 119:105)

Once the temple steps appeared, our vision darkened as everything became more concrete around us.  It was as if our vision became less as things became more distinct.  My comment was, “this out of body stuff seems weird and familiar at the same time.  Esther, I want to touch you but I can’t really.  However, I feel very close to you.  Let’s go and see where this guide is leading us.”

Esther said, “I am hearing the words,

It is nothing but our fear and uncertainty that creates the darkness. We already hold the lantern. We have a light within us brighter than any light, to light the way.”

Praying in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:18)

Esther said, just then, that her breathing and stomach started going crazy on earth.  Shortly before she mentioned that, I felt to reach out and touch Esther in the spirit.  When I did, my hand seemed to melt right into her.  I held her womb, then her heart, then her brain.  As her body reacted I said, “Allow the Spirit to take you, I was just touching you now.”  Esther exclaimed, “The lights are flashing like crazy now.”

(At that moment Esther was listening to, His Banner Over Me by Jeremy Riddle)

Looking around I felt like we stood on the porch of the temple of heaven.   White columns, very tall, rose majestically before us on either side.  The greenery of the place still impressed me as I wondered aloud if the lights, the indistinct beings we saw were, in fact, Seraphim. Also, the whole place vibrated in a low, constant way, with power.

Entering into the Holy of Holies (Revelation 11:19)

Esther said,

“Yes, gosh yes, I see that, I see another doorway, columns either side, into a room….it is just huge bright light…however there is a sharper smaller round light in the center even brighter than this bright light.”

“I think we should go in.” I replied.  “Wow, everything here is like, better than real.”

Esther said,

“This is mental, but I don’t want to think …my left hand is shaking, is that the one you’re holding?”

I gasped,

“Wow, I think this is the holy of holies of the temple in heaven.  The reality of what each of the earthly temples pictured.”

Esther said,

“I was listening to “take me in” by Kutless before we began to talk today.”

I commented, “I am pretty sure these are Seraphim.  Everything vibrates,  like the temple is alive with power.”

(Esther listening to, Take Me In (To The Holy of Holies by Kutless)

Esther said,

“I am moving like in a vibration or motion”

I said in a hushed voice,

“Don’t worry what your natural body does.” Then I said, ” I want to bow.  I can’t hardly look at the fire enfolding itself. The four cherubim, the wheels full of eyes, they’re huge!”

“And the rainbow!”  I said breathlessly.

“It’s OK” Esther said seemingly calm.

I said, “Father we come before You by the blood of your son, Jesus. We are here by Your grace.”

The four Living Creatures (Ezekiel 1:4-28)

Looking around I said,

This place is huge! I did not know it was so big! The fire of creation enfolding itself.  I know the creatures have four faces but it feels like they are just one face with four sides.  No wonder God is high and lifted up.  It is because He sits on top of these beings.  Their wings are down right now but I can see hands underneath.”

Esther said calmly,

“The earth will know when those wings raise up.”

In wonderment I said,

“This whole temple radiates life and pulses.”

“Yeah, like being in a heart” Esther whispered

“I know that God sits on top but I can’t see Him”

“It is ok, be still” Esther suggested.

“Ow, my head hurts all of a sudden,” I said.

“Restoration,” Esther said quietly.

“This is majestic, we are in the throne room of God”  I reflected.

(Esther listened to Hosanna by Hillsong)

My head feels funny (2 Chronicles 5:14)

I said to Esther, “My head feels funny, a bit dizzy.”

Esther mused, “restoration, acclimatizing.  Feels like, I don’t know… almost like I’m in a trance, or state of just being, peaceful but beyond peace and love…like just being in this atmosphere alone, the vicinity of God’s glow and essence, is doing this.”

“Grace is warm, who knew?” I said.

“I have pain in my head now, forehead behind my eyes,” Esther said.

I continued,

“Me too, like my head is held in the spirit somehow.  I just held your womb, then your heart, then your brain.  I just felt to do it back then. Laid hands on you in the Spirit, so to speak.

I can feel the Spirit here in the natural as well as in the Spirit.

I want to touch one of the wheels. I hope it is ok. I feel I want to anyway.”

Wheels within wheels (Ezekiel 1:16-21)

I went over and laid my hands on one of the wheels.  It was cool to the touch.  They consisted of material that looked bluish. The wheels are massive, at least a story tall.  By revelation, I realized at that moment, that these wheels within wheels, giant gyroscopes so to speak, not only steadied the chariot of God but also the whole universe. They are rock steady, therefore everything in the cosmos is set and steady too. Keeps everything on track.  These are why the sun comes up in the morning each day like clockwork.  They regulate everything. Time, matter, space, all exist in unchangeable order because of these wheels.

The wings of the cherubim are full of eyes too. They carry God throughout the whole Earth and Heavens. There is nothing unseen. I saw their feet, hooves like brass or something.  They can go anywhere!

Wings of wisdom (Ezekiel 10:12)

“I want to touch one of their wings,” I said. “but I don’t think I will, I don’t want to disturb them.” “Why?” Esther answered, “Are you being told not to?”  “No, it is not that,” I replied, ” I don’t know if I want to disturb these things. Don’t know what they will do. Right now they aren’t looking at us”

Esther continued,

“You touched a wheel already.  We were invited in, we only went where invited and beckoned.”

“OK, I will touch one feather lightly.”  As I moved closer, “looks like a feather, but doesn’t feel like made of feather stuff.”

Esther complete my thought,

“They are soft and firm at same time. like nothing I’ve felt before.  I don’t think it exists on Earth.”

(In the spirit, though we were distinct people, there seemed to be no separation between us.  Kind of like when your mind thinks a thought and your body moves the way you want, there is no sense of you being different from your body.  That is what being one in the Spirit feels like with another person.)

The light of creation, a fire enfolding itself (Ezekiel 1:4)

“The four living creatures hold up the throne of God without effort. They contain the fire of creation. Like they are the pillars of creation. Amazing, I can’t look at it, it is so bright.  They hold the power of God.  This is what will melt the elements of this universe with a fervent heat!  One day, when God is done with this creation they will release this light of creation and everything will burn up in an instant. ” I say as revelation floods my consciousness.

Esther refrains,

“The earth will know when the wings lift up and this creation will be no more.”

(Esther continues to listen to Revelation Song by Kim Walker)

“We are almost like a ghost spirit here” Esther commented, “Yes”, I said, “it is like I could sit right inside of  you if I wanted to.”

“Wait,” Esther said in a low voice, “He knows we are here…I feel something is approaching.”

“Wow, what do I do?,” I exclaim!

“You’re panicking, slow down, be calm,” Esther says soothingly.

“I am just going to lay with my face to the ground,” I say.

(The lights around us are still indistinct and Esther comments that she thinks they aren’t meant to take shape.  I say my head is beginning to hurt again.  I am dizzy and my forehead burns.)

Facedown I speak

“Father, why are we here? How can I serve you, what truth do you want to show us?”

God speaks (Ezekiel 39:8)

God says,

“I have brought you here to say, “that I am the Lord thy God.  Creator of Heaven and Earth.  My power is infinite, My sight is clear. I have sent you to speak to my people.”

“But Father, they do not hear.”

God continues,

“They will hear My son.  For I will open their eyes and give them ears to hear.”

“What about Esther? Why are we here together?”

Our Father says,

“She is part of you my son.  I have joined you together for My purposes and for My people.”

My power is complete. You have seen the light of creation between My cherubim. There is nothing I cannot do or accomplish.”

I say, still face down,

“Ok Father, whatever you want we will do. Thank you for bringing us here. Thank you for everything. You are worthy.”

God says,

“Write what I say.”

Esther says in a whisper,

“He is reaching out to touch you, to bless you, to fill you with an impartation of His wisdom.

I mumble under my breath,

“Have mercy Father, I am a man of unclean lips. There is no good thing in me.”

Esther comments,

“Pray… as I am in Him, He is in me, and we are one with God divine. I only ask a willing heart.”

Still face down I continue to whisper,

“You alone are worthy Father. I will do as you ask. I am happy to do your will.”

Esther continues,

“Were the people in the Bible perfect that God gave tasks?”

Oneness (John 17:22)

Esther emotes, “I feel so mixed with God right now, like no outline as to who is who.  Oneness.  I in He as He is in me, totally get that now.”

I respond,

“There are no barriers.  I think this is about all I can handle unless God wants to do something else. Feel like I am going to explode in the Spirit. The power of this place and His presence is getting to me.”

Esther magnifies our Lord when she says,

“OK, if you want to go, God is good.  Thank You for bringing us here Father, drawing us here, leading us here…You’re beautiful, beyond all things. Your face beyond all beauties. Your grace has abounded and our love for You is beyond measure.”

Getting to my knees I say,

“Yes Father, Thank you.  I will do as You have said.  You are all that you have said and much more. Praise your name, Jesus. Thank you, thank you.”

Thus ended this experience of being in the Holy of Holies in the temple of heaven.


Over The Rainbow By Eva Cassidy