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Is Your Tour Guide Of The House That God Built A Phony?

The truth is, while I don’t believe New Age explanations, I don’t necessarily disagree with the spiritual experiences they describe.  After all, if you’ve been to Paris, you can describe it whether or not you’re a Christian.   I do take issue, however, with their failure to attribute these spiritual experiences to YHWH.  Moreover, I think it is absolutely disrespectful to ignore God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and access his Father’s house without his permission.

Recently, I viewed a YouTube video about Divine Love.  What impacted me most is how close the speaker came to describing the Tabernacle Experience without giving glory to the One who made it.  This person never once acknowledged God nor His son Jesus Christ and that, to me, is the sin of New Age believers.

The house that God built

For example, picture yourself on a paid tour of a fabulous mansion. A knowledgeable woman leads you through what is essentially a limitless palace.  The smartly dressed lady talks about the furniture, tapestries, and paintings.  Overwhelmed by the grandeur of the place, you exclaim “who lives here?”  Without missing a beat, your tour operator replies “we simply don’t know”.

But wait, it gets worse.  What your tour leader doesn’t say is that the Master never gave her permission to be in His house in the first place, let alone give tours.  The owner, being busy about many things, left His son in charge of His estate, and this tour guide never asked if she could be there.  All that happened, is that she walked into the house that God build, acted like she owned it, and is using it to enrich herself.  The crowning insult is that, if pressed, your guide would state that she has never met YHWH and doesn’t even believe Jesus exists.

Strangers in our house

As sons and daughters of God, these mystic non-believers are strangers in our home.  While we have a right, through adoption, to live in our Fathers house, they do not.  Christians, the world over, are lied to every day that spiritual experiences are bad, especially if they look like New Age mysticism.  Most people, even if they believe in the supernatural, restrict themselves to a ridiculous extent.  Mainly through fear, we exclude ourselves from most of what God has for us.  Like children confined to their room by an evil stepmother (Lucifer), we are told we can’t enjoy what is rightfully ours.

What it really means to walk in the Spirit

Humans consist of body, soul, and spirit.  Though before the fall we were not so divided, we split apart when our spirits became dormant.  The dormancy of our spiritual selves occurred because we could no longer connect with God.  This literally led to the near destruction of the heavens and earth.  In God’s view, the choice was either destroy this creation or salvage what He could.  God found Noah, alone in all his generation, worthy to carry on for mankind.

What it really means to walk in the Spirit is this: switching from following our reason (heads) to living through our bellies (spirits).  While our soul usually lives through our minds, those who walk in the Spirit live through their bellies  (watch Tasha Cobbs to see examples of this).  If you walk in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit guides you from your belly.  That is why you have “gut feelings” and “goadings”.  If you walk in the flesh, you are controlled by your reason, doing what seems right in your own eyes.  This is why you hear people say “I think” or “this seems right to me”.

Snuggle me, please

Natural minded people usually end up in marriages that more resemble a university classroom.  Everything they do, from how they arrange their day, to how and if they conceive, is calculated and managed by their heads.  They trust nothing except what they can verify through their minds.  On the other hand, spirit led people live from their belly.  They trust their intuition more than their reason.  Oddly enough, many unbelievers are more spirit-led (not Spirit-led) than Christians.  By and large, many believers fall into the intellectual category rather than the Spirit led class.

When you lay in bed with your mate, what do you do?  If you are not making love, you snuggle.  Spirits snuggle up as close as possible, which means having your bellies as close as you can.  In many movies, when people wake up after having made love, you see the woman snuggled back into her man or laying on his chest.  Our spirits desire to be close to one another at all times and in every way possible.

Walking in the Spirit is different from what most imagine

As we live from our bellies, i.e. walk in the Spirit, we become more like His Spirit.  As we yield to God who lives in us, we naturally do the things that He desires.  The problem is, what God deems appropriate is what many church leaders fear most.  Thus, even when what God does is holy and pure, it seems opposed to “proper” Christianity.

The truth is, living in the Spirit is pure liberty.  To the pure, all things are pure simply because you have no desire to be impure.  Therefore, anything God wants to do is what you want to do.  Conversely, nothing God doesn’t want to do is the least bit attractive.

From a handshake to Divine Mates

As our spirits rise within our bodies to the forefront of our lives, our behavior changes.   The way that we interact with each other switches from what seems right, to what actually is right.  In effect, we return to the garden of Eden, living now as if Adam’s sin never happened then.  Moreover, we naturally become more sensual and focused on our bellies than our heads.  We do not think about what to do, but merely act through revelation.  What we do not know, we simply ask: no study required.

Our lives center around our reproductive organs, because that is where God resides in our bodies.  Taking great joy in our ability to bring forth after His kind, intercourse becomes a holy sacrament rather than just a physical need.  God dwells in our mid-drifts, therefore we want to be as close to Him as physically possible.  The Holy of Holies is actually a representation of a woman’s womb.  It is in the secret place of the Most High where His Shekinah glory manifests during love-making.  Those who enter His holy place must do so with reverence. To do anything else on such hallowed ground is sin and leads to damnation.

Live free in the house that God built

In our Father’s house there are many mansions, space enough for everyone.  The realms of God’s Spirit are not ethereal places, but actual creations that God has made, is making, and will make.  There are literally worlds without end to explore in Him.  Therefore, to restrict God in any way is absolutely absurd.  New Age mystics are simply robbers who have stolen what our Father originally gave to us.  It is time to wake up take back what is rightfully ours.  Today, open your spirits to receive God’s revelation and let’s explore the house that God built together!

Watch Tasha Cobb’s spirit sing to you