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A Tapestry of Truth

There are threads that run through the word of God which weave certain concepts together.  Combined, these truths form a tapestry that reveals the plans and goals of our Father.  One such thread is “Walking with God.”

God says,

“And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden.”

Genesis 3:8

Imagine in your mind’s eye what this verse really pictures.  Of course, this verse refers to Adam and Eve hiding themselves from their Father.  However, it also tells us of something that probably happened quite often: God walking in the Garden and fellowshipping with His son.

God made us to freely talk with Him

In the beginning there was fellowship with God. Adam and Eve were completely at peace with their Creator and our Lord did not expect them to hide from His presence.  Therefore, our original state was to be with God and freely walk with Him.

From the very beginning of time, God’s desire has been to walk with us and for us to walk with Him.  It was the natural order of things and was what God intended from the very beginning.

When I speak of things like this some want to say, “it does not say exactly that!”  True, it does not, yet we are not robots that live only by logic and data.  No, we are human beings who understand intuitively, spiritually, and feel what our Father writes to us.  As our relationship with our Father deepens, through experiencing Him,  we come to understand His letters to us in greater depth.

God seeks our fellowship

Note too, that God came to Adam and Eve.  Their Father sought out them out.  The Creator of the Heavens and Earth dropped by for a face to face visit.  This lets us know that our Father in heaven wants to have a relationship with us.  Indeed, He even seeks us when we are lost.

Everything that God did and wrote about in Genesis, and particularly about the Garden of Eden, is very important.  These are the beginning threads of truths that are woven all throughout scripture. The further back you go the more fundamental are the truths that God presents.  Anything you see at a great distance, in the natural world, is very big when you finally reach it.  Likewise, anything that we see at the beginning is of huge importance in God’s word.

We walked with God

In the beginning, everything was perfect.  There was nothing that was imperfect and everything functioned just as God had designed it to.  Adam, and then Eve, functioned as God intended too.  This means that the relationship that God had with His newly created son was as God wanted and serves as an example to us of the type of relationship He wants with us too.

God used to walk with Adam in the cool of the day.  When I think of the cool of the day it brings to mind the morning when everything is new and the sun has not yet risen high in the sky.  It speaks of a new day, or beginnings, and of instruction.  I picture God walk and talking with Adam, and Adam as sons often do, asking His Father about this thing or that thing that interests Him.

God shares amazing things with those He loves

I wonder also about what God might have shared with Adam during those visits.  Imagine, if God walked and talked with you what amazing things He might share.  A Person that literally spoke the ground upon which you walk into existence sharing His wisdom and thoughts with you.  What a privilege that would be.

Understand that design flows from purpose.  When we build something as simple as a chair, we build it with it’s intended use in mind. Therefore, when God created the world and mankind, He had a purpose in mind. The greater the project the greater the plan and the more thought that has to be put into it.  Given the unimaginable complexity of our universe and of each one of us, God must have had something very definite in mind when He created us and everything we see.

Here is a truth,

“God has a plan and to the degree that we align ourselves with His will we align ourselves with His purpose.” 

I invite all of us to consider God’s purpose for our lives.  I encourage each one of us to ask God what it means to walk with Him in the type of fellowship that He originally intended for His sons and daughters to experience.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator and each one of us has a special destiny with Him.  Let us all find our purpose and allow God to walk with us in the cool of the day.

Walk With Me by Kim Walker