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Why The Mystic Movement Needs A New Wineskin

I have been reading articles from the Christian mystic movement lately. There is also quite a bit of material on YouTube.  While I understand what many are saying, and agree with them to a degree, what they are lacking is a new wineskin.  Essentially, most Christian Mystic teachers attempt to place and explain their experiences within standard doctrinal teaching. They are like a Pentecostal trying to explain the gift of speaking in tongues with Baptist theology.  When they attempt to do that they fail to explain what they receive because their theology is inadequate.

Likewise, many Christian Mystics are drunk on what they are feeling, seeing, and receiving but cannot adequately explain it because their old theology is not up to the task.  Consequently, as they try to shoehorn what they wish to convey into standard Christian doctrine it comes out all wrong. This is and will lead to false doctrine and misunderstanding in the long run.

A new theology for the Christian Mystics Movement

Tabernacles theology is the framework of the Mystic Movement even though most do not yet understand that they need it.  The final feast is large enough and can mold to what God is doing without doing violence to the scriptures. We need to have a sea change in our understanding of who God is and what God wants in order to accommodate the inflow of His revelation.  In short, our theology has to evolve along with our experiences in Him.

Many advocates of the Mystic Movement are tough individuals who do not listen to anyone else but themselves.  Essentially, they have had to be tough to push through all the error and persecution to break through to where they are today.  However, when you say that you have “sat on the event horizon of a black hole” or ” created a galaxy” that is error and pride.  It is fanaticism and delusion.  I reject it.

God is all in all

Finally, we must remain small in our own eyes and realize that God is all in all.  Great revelation has a tendency to produce pride in our weak flesh.  Not everything we experience is direct from the throne room of God. We should always be willing to hear what others have to say.  I know this is difficult, but it is essential if we are going to mature to the fulness and stature of Christ.

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