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What Does God Want?

Are you read to get busy for Him?

What does God want? That is the big question is it not? Theoretically, that should be the first question we ask Him when we wake up in the morning.  However, I ask you, “would knowing His will make it any easier to follow?”

In my experience, doing God’s will is sometimes more problematic than knowing His will.  The Holy Spirit seems to be glibly unconcerned about our earthly schedules, priorities, commitments, or duties. Moreover, the Holy Spirit assumes that we will do whatever He says, whenever He says to do it.  In fact, God firmly believes that He has the right to command us to do whatever He wants…period.

What Does God Want: The Example of the Chariot Of God

God says,

“And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went.”


“And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning.

Ezekiel 1:12, 14

This obscure set of scriptures is about what Ezekiel saw and wrote about in the first chapter of Ezekiel and describes the “the chariot of God.”  It is a vision of God, high and lifted up, moving here and there throughout the Earth. It is also a picture of His servants, the four living creatures, which do His will in a blink of an eye without question or hesitation.

We, as the Body of Christ, also carry the glory of God in our earthly vessels.  And we, like the four creatures, must carry out God’s will, without question or hesitation, as fast as a flash of lighting.

What is happening in the body of Christ today is that people are saying they are servants, but failing to act as servants.  God’s will is given to us as individuals, but very little of what He instructs us to do is actually done.  Still, less is done in the timing and manner that He prescribes.

What is absolutely vital for each one of us to do is to hear God’s voice and do His will. Furthermore, we must do exactly what He says when He says to do it.  Everything depends on this.  Even if one member of the body of Christ obeys His voice, the work of God will languish if the other parts of Christ’s body fail to do their part.

What does God Want?  Trust

Our Father wants us to “trust” Him.  This was the root failing in the Garden of Eden.  Eve, and then Adam, failed to trust their Father’s warning and partook of the forbidden fruit.  Therefore, God decreed that we would have to “trust” Him once again through “faith” in order to regain entrance to paradise lost.  It is interesting that the first thing one sees when they enter into New Jerusalem is the tree of life.

What does God want you to do today?

So what does God want you to do today?  Have you asked Him? More importantly, are you willing to put His agenda before your own?  Are His goals more important to you than your goals?  How far are you willing to go to do His will, even if it complicates your life?

So many are ever “learning” and never coming to a real knowledge of the truth.  We are taught that we must learn, learn, learn until all this “knowledge” starts to pour out of our ears and nostrils like so much quail in the desert.  I say, “stop learning and start listening.”  I say, “Stop learning and start doing.”  What good is it to have encyclopedic knowledge of God if we fail to live even a single page of the book?  

The body of Christ’s lack of coordination is what is clogging up its ability to do the work of God.  Be a doer of the word and not a hearer only.  Take action based upon what God is speaking to you today.  Make a difference and be that servant that will be worthy to sit with Jesus at the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Amen.

How can I apply this teaching to my life?

Stop reading your Bible for a while.  Yes, I am serious.  You already know so much that you have not put into practice that knowing more things that you won’t do won’t help.  Take a walk, be alone with God.  Ask God to speak to you and teach you what He wants you to understand. Empty yourself of what you think you know and become a blank slate that God can write upon.

Look for God in everything that happens to you on that walk. Look at the sky, pay attention to the people around you, the conversations you might have.  Listen for His voice in ways that you may not have considered before.

Give God and opportunity

There is no pressure, nothing has to happen.  What you are doing is quieting your soul and giving God an opportunity to commune with you, and you with Him.  Pay attention to your feelings in your stomach and His still small voice in your mind and heart.

After I went to 5 years of Bible College I simply stopped reading the Bible…for years. I had so much of the word inside me I was walking around like an overstuffed easy chair. It took time, but God started to help me make sense of all that I had learned. However, it was not until I simply started listening to Him, instead of just retracing over the doctrines I had been taught, that I could hear His voice clearly.

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield