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god hath joined together

The Bride Of Christ Is Not Of This Earth

The truth is, nothing but the souls and spirits of those who know salvation will be brought into the New Heavens and New Earth. Our creator even changes our bodies to bring them into His new creation. Everyone and everything that does not conform to God’s original plan will either simply cease to exist or spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. YHWH recognizes nothing we do on earth, save what we do in accordance with His design, in heaven.

The Bride of Christ is not of this earth. We are creations of the world to come. What God hath joined together here on earth is merely an echo, a foretaste, an earnest of our inheritance in God’s world to come. Through the agency of His Holy Spirit, we experience now what is already the case in a restored paradise.

The imagination of God

The mind of God is so powerful, it creates whatever He imagines. Whatever God wills to do is automatically done. God has already created, through His manifold wisdom and might, who we are to become. I know that sounds a bit like mumbo jumbo, but space and time are really not as immutable in the restored Eden as it is now. Time exists, but because there is so much of it, it ceases to be relevant. Truly, in the world to come, there is time enough for everything, including love.

Moreover, through translation, distance is not something we have to deal with in the same way we do now. Our society spends a great deal of energy and wealth simply getting us from point A to point B. However, in the New Heavens and New Earth, we move at the speed of God. We simply translate to anywhere, anytime and to any realm God desires. Whenever God wills, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, we are there.

What God hath joined together

Therefore, as difficult as it is for our finite minds to comprehend, our Divine Unions, and for that matter, all spiritual connections, are foretastes of “present” relationships in God’s kingdom. What we see as the future, is in fact already the case there. This is why, when we meet a Spiritual Connection or fall in love with a Divine Mate, we feel like we have known them forever. That timeless feeling derives from our present existence in a re-creation of our present world.

The New Heavens and New Earth are not very different from our present world, they are just without sin. Wolves exist, but instead of being ravenous, they are gentle and lay down with lambs. Asps, one of the most deadly snakes in this present world, are harmless in the next. God creates everything He originally made good in the restoration of all things. In that new Eden, we look, in our glorified bodies, as we would have looked had we been born into God’s original paradise.

You cannot know God through the knowledge of good

People who buy into “reasoned” Christianity miss almost all of what God has for them. Our natural minds are what was left over after the Holy Spirit departed from mankind in the original Eden. Though Adam and Eve were still incredibly smart, by virtue of their former perfection, still they operated at a mere fraction of their former glory after God left them.

Being as we are mere shadows of what Adam and Eve were, we can’t imagine perfection. Lucifer wants to degrade and demean the image and likeness of God in us. Cavemen, as depicted by anthropologists as brute beasts, are not our origins, but rather the consequences of our sin.

Created to be God’s wife

God creates us to be His wife and that’s our sure destiny if we choose to believe. Though Lucifer attack us, God is busy rescuing His beloved Serpah; i.e. mankind. We are amazing creatures of love, meant to take our place at the right hand of God through Christ. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.

Kari is part of a Seraph in the making and manifests the fear of the Lord. However, that does not mean she is afraid, it’s just that her godly fear manifests in extreme submission, reverence, and praise.

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