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The veil that stood between mankind and God our sin that produced shame.

Christ took away our sin; therefore there is no shame.

God says,

“Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.  And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;|”

Matthew 27:50,51

The veil, in scripture, symbolizes separation from God. Behind the curtain in the temple lay the ark of the covenant, which contained the mercy seat, shielded by the wings of two cherubim. Once a year, the high priest would offer sacrifice upon the altar before the ark and God’s Shekinah Glory would appear. It was a light that illuminated a secret – many other cherubim.

I believe the veil also symbolizes shame which keeps us from seeing God. We know that He is beyond the veil, but until Christ rent the veil, it was impossible for common people to experience His presence. This is because we need something to cover our sin, our shame. The veil is basically the fig leaves Adam and Eve sewed together to hide themselves from the presence of God.

In these latter days, each of us needs to know what lies beyond the veil – beyond our shame. We must experience Christ personally. This means that it is not enough to know God through learning about Him, we must meet Him by going through the veil. We must put off our fig leaves.

The Bride of Christ lies beyond the veil

As the Ark of the Covenant lay behind the veil in the Old Testament so, too, the Bride of Christ lies beyond the veil in the New Testament. We are the dwelling place of God now, just as the Ark of the Covenant was the dwelling place of God then. Therefore, in order to experience God these days, we must experience the Bride of Christ.

How does this take place? How does one experience God in the Bride of Christ? Very simply, we allow God to spiritually connect us with other members of the Body of Christ that He chooses so that we can experience His Spirit in another person. This is exactly how people in Israel experienced God in the first century AD. Likewise, the other person will experience the Bride of Christ through us. Thus, a Spirit that fills both heaven and earth manifests Himself through both of us to each other, building believers up in their most holy faith.

God loves to show His truth through pictures. For instance, water baptism is foreshadowed in “type” by the nation of Israel passing through the Red Sea. The picture of Jesus becoming a sacrifice for the sins of the world is foreshadowed by Abraham being willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, on Mount Moriah. God is always using pictures to show us truths that He wants us to understand.

One of the most important pictures God gives us is the intimate union of a man and woman. This union is, in fact, the point of creation. YHWH looked among all the many things He had created over eternity and found there was no help meet for Him. In order to convey this truth in picture He gathered all the animals together and had Adam name them. Adam realized all the animals had mates suitable for them, but he had no mate suitable for himself. Thus God created Eve. Get the picture?

Likewise, God is creating the second and last Eve, in us, as the Body of Christ, who, when we unite with Jesus, will become the union of God and man. Our Creator will, finally, have a help meet suitable for him and we will rule and reign with our husband for ever on a new creation – the New Heavens and New Earth.

Beyond the veil is the Bride of Christ

Therefore, what lies beyond the veil is the face of the Bride of Christ. When you lift the veil off a bride you kiss her, tenderly, passionately. It is symbolic of things to come. Likewise, in these latter days, God is taking us beyond the veil into the intimacy of the Body of Christ so that we can become one with Him in ways that most cannot yet imagine.

Finally, the devil is a destroyer and has taken over so many of the things of God and used them in ways our Father never even thought of. Lucifer cannot create, only twist and degrade what was once good into things that mock our creator. Everything that you see the devil doing in this day and age has an actual Godly and original counterpart that was originally pure and holy. This is why what God is doing in our age often looks like what sinners do: It is because sinners are misusing what God first made for good.

Beyond the veil is a place of peace, love, and harmony with our God that we have not seen since the manifestation of Jesus Christ in the first century. It is total union with our Father as would have been the case if Eve had never eaten of the forbidden fruit. There are things that God has created for those who love Him that go beyond anything we have yet imagined. Thought these blessings were always there, they lay hidden beyond the veil, safe from the world of sin that we had created until such time as we found our way back to the garden.

The union of God and man = The Bride of Christ

In conclusion, one of the biggest areas that sinners debauch, that God originally made good, is intimacy. We live in such an over-sexualized world that we can hardly imagine what pure and holy intimacy is. However, as we go back to the garden and live in our pre-fallen state through yielding to His Spirit, we will find out what pure intimacy is. We will experience intimate unions of God and man through each other and it will be very good.

Beyond The Veil by Kim Clement|Destiny Worship