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tabernacle blessing

It’s decision time

Many people are on the treadmill of life, and you are one of them. You get up in the morning, do your routine, then it’s off to the races. Perhaps you have a high pressure job, maybe you are just entering school, or you might be battling hordes in the online game, World of Warcraft.

So many of us are preoccupied with what we consider to be, “the necessities of life,” that we hardly stop to consider where we are going and why. We long to be older when we are young, then we long to be younger when we are old. We look at others who achieve what we want, then wonder why we spent so much of our life achieving it when we have it. I remember one lady, with a PhD in botany, ruefully saying, “I spent ten years of my life studying Dutch Elm Disease.”

Where are you headed?

The point is, many of us are busy going somewhere, but we have no idea where that is. Life is a big mystery that we hope to figure out by the day we die.

Some of us get waylaid by exotic philosophies that promise peace, but have no relevance to reality. However, when put to the test, they fall apart like a house of cards and leave us in shambles.

The reason you are reading this

You are searching, reaching for something beyond what you currently have. Deep inside you long for purpose, something epic to devote your life to. You want a reason to get up in the morning, something that truly makes a difference in your life and on the world stage. A reason why you are living.

If you are a Christian, church is not cutting it for you. You are doing the religious thing every week, perhaps because it’s the only way you know to serve God – but there’s got to be something more. That something more is the Tabernacle Blessing.

We are on the verge of a mighty move of God’s Spirit. A move so powerful it will topple governments – not through force, but through God’s love. There is a sea change in the wind, and it is the revelation of God’s very nature through His people. It is the current word of God shed abroad in our hearts. The Tabernacle Blessing is the manifestation of the sons of God in this generation.

Therefore, and please hear me clearly: There is something worth fighting for and that is this: Allowing God to have His way in your life. This is the time in history when we can truly make a difference if we will step up and fight for what is right. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds through obedience to His Spirit. Though it seems like Goliath is invincible, God will win the day through us.

The Tabernacle Blessing needs you

The decision before you today is: Will you answer God’s call and become a soldier in His Tabernacle army? Will you say, “yes Lord, here am I?” Is destiny in the form of God’s Spirit calling you to become one of the few, the chosen, the Godly? If that is the case, answer His call. Do it all, do it now and make a real, eternal difference. Receive your calling, and become one of the mighty men and women of God in this generation. Amen.

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