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That’s absurd.

To some, having faith extends to believing things that are absurd. When a belief system, worked out in the real world, leads to the exact opposite of God’s love, it may be that your doctrine is wrong. Fore example, In the middle ages, people were burnt at the stake for heresy. The thinking was that it was better to torture them into recanting false doctrine so that, even if they died physically, their eternal soul would be saved.

When we find ourselves on the opposite side of God, while saying that we follow Him, it means that we took a wrong turn somewhere in our belief system. At that point, when things get ridiculous, we should just admit that we don’t know what to do and err on the side of compassion.

However, some work themselves into a theological corner and, rather than just admitting it, they blithely carry on and do terrible things. They get a pained look on their face, as they hurt you, like they don’t want to be so cruel, but believe God is forcing them do it.

Love is of God

How, may I ask, is that being a testimony of Christ’s love? What unsaved person would ever want to serve a God whose follower is heartless and cruel? Answer: hardly no one.

Though the Holy Spirit does led us to do things that don’t make sense sometimes, He rarely leads us to treat each other without love. To be sure, people caught in legalism truly believe that following their particular brand of doctrine is tantamount to salvation. However, it isn’t. Our feeble attempts to live by scripture will always fall short of God’s righteousness, that is why Jesus died in our place. Ours is not to judge others and treat them without mercy, for we are the very ones who will hope for mercy at the judgement.

The good thing is that we can always repent. If we’ve done wrong, then lets not continue doing wrong.


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