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God knocks

God Knocks When You Need Him Most

It was around 2:00 pm in Kisumu, Kenya, East Africa. The tropical sun was hot. As I was resting under the shade of my favourite flower (Chamama), I heard the Lord call to me saying, “I want you to go to a home I will show you”.

“Really Lord? Now?” I asked, for it was very hot. God answered, “Yes”, so I went. Taking my Bible, I told the kids I was going on God’s errand and I would come back soon.

I walked for almost one hour, being led by the Holy Spirit. God then told me to cross the highway of Obambo and go the home across the other side. I obeyed. I entered a big home that I didn’t know, for I had never been there. This was in another village for I came from Usare and this was Kadongo.

When God knocks say, “come in”

I knocked on the main house, for everyone seemed to be there. A lady said, “Come in”. As I entered the home, I was shocked, for there laying on the floor, according to the Luo tradition was someone about to die. He was wasted away, positioned on the floor with his head towards the door, with his mother sitting by his feet. Towards the door sat, who I assumed was his wife. I knew instantly they were waiting for him to die.

I said, in a shaking voice (for the house was full of people older than me and it was a solemn mood),

“God has sent me.”

At that point, everyone looked at me startled. The man of the house, (the dying man’s dad) said, “What?” I said again, more firmly,

“The Lord has sent me here.”

The woman, whom I knew must be the mother, said, “What’s the message, my daughter?” I replied, “I don’t have a message, God just said I go to this home, but being that I now see there is a sick man, I know that He has sent me for him to be healed, for the scriptures say “pray for the poor so that they may be healed and saved”.

The father was very angry, thinking that I was mocking them. He was a former police officer and never got saved until he retired and this was his first born laying there in front of me. So, I just started praying in my heart, asking God to show Himself and do a miracle. I knew I would be in trouble if He didn’t do it.

In a very loud voice

After asking for his name, in a very loud voice, I called his name three times. He opened his eyes and tried to talk. The people around me were amazed because they said that he had stopped talking three days ago. For those three days, they had just been waiting for his soul to leave his body.

I prayed for God to release His tongue. I asked him, “Do you want to be healed?” He whispered “Yes”. Everyone there stood up as his mother knelt down and started praying with his wife. I prayed for healing until I heard him say, in a very tiny voice, “God heal me”. Everyone joined us in prayer now for the next hour or so.

Jesus says, “Speak about my salvation”

After that time, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to speak about salvation now. I started speaking about the grace of salvation and how Jesus is the way to God and the answer to every life problem. I declared that the Lord was ready to forgive their sins and cleanse them, because there is no condemnation in Jesus Christ. Just then, the mom started praying, asking Jesus to save her.

I then turned to the sick man and asked him, “Do you want to be saved so even if you do die you will see Jesus? Everyone here thinks you are dying already, so I have brought you good news that Jesus saves and He is your hope for tomorrow. ” He said, “Yes”. I wept.

When God knocks, you kneel

I told him that I wanted him to kneel down. Some people protested when I asked him to do that, but I said, “Do you really think that we shouldn’t kneel down before the Lord, but save all his strength to die?” Hearing this, the dad helped his son to his knees.

I lead the sick man in a salvation prayer. The dying man threw himself down and prayed, crying, asking Jesus to forgive him of all his sins. I led the Mom, Dad, and his wife in a salvation prayer at that time, too.

Come, let me walk you to the gate

Finally, by 6 pm we were done. The mom thanked me and gave me some corn to take home with me. The guy, who was supposed to be dying, though very slowly, walked me to the gate. He was healed and later became filled with the Holy Spirit. Due to his longtime ailment, his left side remained somewhat paralyzed and his speech a bit slurred, but he served God for the rest of his life (about 17 years). Then, he rested, waiting to be with his Lord, which he loved and served. Up to this day, there is a church next to his home.


Prophetess Lilian

Lilian Continues to minister prophetically and in the gift of healing, both in Kenya and the USA

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