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God moves in Tabernacles

Tabernacles Finds A Way

I have experienced tabernacles for over 30 years. Also, I have researched former Tabernacle moves to see what effect they’ve had. I have come to the conclusion that when God moves in Tabernacles it is antithetical to organized religion. Established religious sects invariably oppose God’s Divine Love, not because it is bad, but because it is an axe laid to the root of their way of life.

Normative Christianity is an old wineskin. Over many centuries man’s traditions become doctrines, those doctrines become dogma, and what was once soft and supple is now old and brittle. Whatever wine was fresh and vigorous at the beginning is now staid and tepid. Nothing new can be added or else everything will burst. However, no matter how much you love the way things are, when God moves in Tabernacles, old things must pass away.

False foundations are the reason for the destruction

It’s very difficult, when you’ve given your life to error, to accept the truth. After all, denominations have their eggs all in one basket, and if that basket is taken away, they literally have nothing left. There is a certain indignation that wells up inside men of the cloth which proclaims, “God would never do that to me!” It is simply inconceivable to most clergy that God would be “that different” from what they believe.

Of course, this is the same situation that the Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, and lawyers found themselves in when confronting Christ. Their Messiah came to his own, but inconveniently, he was not the Messiah they expected nor wanted. Christ could not have been more plainly the Son of God, yet he often opposed their doctrine and they hated Him for it.

Emmanuel 2.0

Though they could have theoretically accepted Jesus as their Messiah, they didn’t. Likewise, in our day when the Body of Christ manifests Jesus, church leadership won’t receive Him either. Emmanuel 2.0 is of God, yet those who are steeped in centuries of dogma cannot see Jesus in us.

God says,

“And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham. And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.”

Matthew 3:9,10

I ask you this,

“If God spared not the natural trees who drifted far from Him, do you really imagine that God will spare you?”

I am going to share with you how to survive the Tabernacle Blessing. I know that most will not listen, but for the few that do, this will save you and your congregation a lot of heartache.

Four Truths About Tabernacles

First of all, do not reject those whom God sends to you. You may not understand them or agree with them, but resist the urge to reject them. Do not harden your heart when God moves in Tabernacles. Be like John the Baptist who was willing to step back when Jesus came to His people.

Secondly, understand that you cannot stop what is happening. There is nothing that you can do to resist what God is doing. Putting your hand to the ARK will only make matters much, much worse.

Thirdly, know that your ministry, as you know it, is over. No church, as it is presently configured, can contain the Tabernacle Blessing. Trying to contain Tabernacles in an old wineskin is an exercise in futility.

John the Baptist says,

” He must increase, but I must decrease. “

John 3:30

Fourthly, those who currently lead must willingly sit down as God raises up new leaders according to His own heart. This is the “until” spoken of in the book of Ephesians. The fact is, the current clergy is the old wine skin. Therefore, God does not allow them to continue to lead His sheep because they are the problem.

Three paths in the age of Tabernacles

In conclusion, if you are not a Jew, there are only three paths open to you at present:

  1. BECOME The Bride of Christ
  2. BECOME marytrs who will die in the Great Tribulation
  3. JOIN Those who follow after the Beast

Those who embrace God’s Divine Love, however that manifests, are the Bride of Christ. Those who oppose God’s manifestation of oneness in His people will further split into two groups, the first being the martyrs and the second being those who follow the Antichrist.

Facing the Dragon’s wrath

Believers who are left behind after the rapture must face the Dragon’s wrath. While people can still make heaven their home, it will be very difficult. Facing death for His name’s sake takes the grace of God. Frankly, no one wants to be here when “He who lets” is taken out of the way. The world without the Holy Spirit is a terrible place to live in. Here is a truth,

“The reason you want to be Spirit filled is because when God removes His Spirit from the Earth, if He dwells in you, you are taken too.”

Right now, most of Christianity is set up to receive and follow the Antichrist. This is because the son of perdition is the epitome of the “natural minded” man. To those who trust in knowledge rather than revelation, the Beast will seem like the savior of the world. I know that most who read this say “Nah, I am a strong believer, that could never be me”, but this delusion is so strong it threatens to deceive even the very elect. The truth is, no natural minded person will escape following after the Beast. It is Strong Delusion, and if you are not filled with Strong Revelation, you cannot navigate this darkness.

When God moves in Tabernacles

Finally, I don’t enjoy giving bad news to people. I would rather paint a rosy future where everyone accepts the moving of God’s Spirit and is saved. However, I see the handwriting on the wall and cannot read that message any other way. Tabernacles is an incredible blessing for those who embrace God in each other. However, make no mistake about it, the Tabernacle Blessing is a sword of division that will cleave asunder the normative and spiritual church.

Confidence by Sanctus Real