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when hearts connect

God Created Men To Win The Hearts Of The Women They Love

God creates men and women for Divine Love.  We instinctively understand what love at first sight is, just like a seed in the ground responds to the rain.   I believe that YHWH made us perfect, therefore, everything we are today stems from that perfection.  No matter how tarnished the “original” is, that is still the “ideal”.

The First Love of Eden was the instant connection between Adam and Eve.  The Son of God (Luke 3:38) loved Eve the moment he laid eyes on her.  Eve loved Adam with every fiber of her being, wanting to be his forever too.  Both created perfect, they loved each other and God seamlessly.  Taken together, the first humans were the beginning of a Seraph who would eventually ascend the sides of the north, joining YHWH as His Divine Mate.

Love at first sight

God is the author of all love at first sight.  When such love happens to you, it feels like you’ve come home and, in a very real way, you have.  The love you experience between you and the woman you love is God Himself, just like it was in Eden.  If you find your Spirit Mate, never give up no matter how difficult things become.  Much more than you can imagine depends on you becoming one with each other and with your Lord.

God bless,


We All Understand This Because It Is Divine Love