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spirts speak

Just Say It Like It Is

You know, I am just moving out in this spirit to spirit thing. I actually find it quite difficult because being open to others feels uncomfortable. However, (and I’m just talking broadly) we need to be able to move at the speed of God. What normally happens is that God speaks and we feel led to say or do something. That “feeling” is our spirits speaking to our heads essentially. People say don’t be led around by your “feelings”, but what they’re actually saying is, “don’t be Spirit led”.

When our spirits speak

When we feel to do or say things, many times we over analyze it. We parse God to see if we think it is acceptable and biblical. Sometimes we say yes if we think the consequences are acceptable. Usually, though, we don’t say or do the whole of what God asks because we fear rejection.

For instance, while praying for a sister, God specifically told me to lay my hands on her. I felt very strongly to place my hands on her body in a certain place. While in the midst of praying I started to argue with God about the “appropriateness” of that action. I mean, how would she take this? What would others think? After 5 minutes of inner dialogue, I asked her to lay her own hand on herself as we prayed. Nothing happened except she felt like she was paralyzed and could hardly breathe.

The laying on of hands

Over the next two weeks, I felt increasingly bad about not having obeyed God. Eventually, I became so convicted, I repented to her in person. I was quite sure I would be slapped or at least roundly rebuked. Telling her exactly what God said to do, she said, “I felt the same thing too, it would have been ok”. In fact, we ended up doing that prayer together and this time she was delivered. All my “properness” succeeded in doing was postponing her deliverance for an additional two weeks.

It’s time to let our spirits speak

Finally, as Spirit led as we often believe we are, many times we “almost” do God’s will. For mostly personal reasons, we render God’s will mute. It is up to us to let our spirits speak plainly to those around us so that YHWH’s will be done.

Here’s My Heart Lord by Lauren Daigle