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Obviously, We Need To Start Doing Things A Bit Differently

There is a common thing that happens to people who enter into the Tabernacle Experience. I have observed this in my own life and in the lives of others. When God comes to our temple, vast and sudden changes take place. I want to point this out so that people are not taken unawares by it. I call it the Tabernacle Shift.

What happens when people begin to experience God’s Divine Love is that they radically change overnight. Everything shifts or “snaps back into place,” the way God wants it to be.

This can be a jarring experience, because most people’s lives are more out of alignment with God than they realize. In a very short time, major elements shift in ways they never expected, in ways they do not immediately recognize as God, and it can be shocking.

Everyone changes when they meet God

This shift can take many forms, from changing your job, to relocating where you live, to, in extreme cases, even leaving your church or spouse. Whatever is not of God, when He returns to your Temple, must change or leave.

Unfortunately, many of us have built lives around things that are not God’s will. Our foundations are wrong; therefore, when God sets them right, whatever is built upon that false foundation crumbles. Like Paul, being a pharisee is obsolete, or like Peter, we leave our nets to follow Him.

Moreover, Jesus believes it is His right to say to us, “come follow me,” no matter what we are doing. Though we may have a life built around something we thought was good and profitable, when Jesus says, “come,” it is time follow Him.

The Tabernacle shift causes a radical change…always

Therefore, I am cautioning you that if your life is shaken up because of Tabernacles, count it not strange. Just realize that there is a lot of change needed for you to come into alignment with your Father’s will. Amen.

Changed by Jordan Feliz

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