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Walk on water 2There is a lot of preaching and teaching about the miracle power of God and the coming move of His Holy Spirit. People talk endlessly about what the heroes of our faith did as they stepped out and believed God.  The book of Acts still captivates our imagination and is the benchmark by which all revivals are measured.

What happens when those Bible stories we read about in both the Old and New Testaments start occurring in real life?  More specifically what happens when they start occurring in your life?  Have we honestly sat down and counted the cost of true manifestations of God in our daily walk?  After all, is this not what we have been asking for when we pray for revival to take place and for God to move miraculously?

The truth is that a good deal of the stories we read in the Bible are about men and women of faith who literally put their lives on the line.  They withheld nothing from our Lord, for if He did not show up as promised they would have surely met their end.  The price of God moving is simply utter obedience to His Spirit without a safety net.  We must remember that we read all these wonderful stories in hindsight, knowing the outcome.  However, each one of these men and women of God faced impossible situations not knowing the end of the matter except by faith.  Jeremiah was thrown into a well and Daniel spent the night in a den full of lions.  Moses stood in front of the Red Sea with Pharaoh’s army coming to slay them all.  Gideon pulled down and destroyed the most sacred shrine of the most powerful cult of idol worshipers in the land and faced 185,000 Midianites with only 300 men.  Paul was put into the innermost prison and literally sang his way out while chained to a wall.  In all these stories and countless more, these men and women of faith laid their very lives on the line and that is why we read about their mighty exploits in God’s word.

You have got to ask yourself how far are you really willing to go to get what they had.  What are you really willing to give up so that you might live like they lived?  Is your Christianity merely an armchair pursuit or are you actually audacious enough to step out on the water in the midst of a raging storm?  Do not believe that for one minute the things you pray for God does not hear.  If you ask for great faith expect great testing for it is in the fiery furnace of affliction that such gold as you seek is brought forth.  Are you willing to stand with the three Hebrew children and say to the most powerful of our land that even if He does not deliver us we still will not bow to your idol?

Conviction of heart, soul, and spirit is what we need most in this hour, for it is clear to me that God is about to pour out His Spirit upon those who have asked for His visitation. It is time to take stock of our lives, registering what we are doing with them, and ask ourselves if we truly believe there is a heaven and if we truly fear hell.  Compromise has sung us to sleep like an ungodly lullaby and we are so drowsy with disinterest that there is little difference between us and those that care nothing for the gospel and its author.

If we are at the end of the gentile church age, we are facing catastrophic changes in our natural world and commensurate changes in our religious system.  We are in the midst of the rise of the Harlot church and we generally know it not.  Conversely, we are about to see the manifestation of the sons of God who will rise as a great army against the tide of strong delusion.  Life as we have known it is going to change forever as the events foretold by His prophets sweep over us.  Where is your treasure and where do you place your trust?  Are you hoping to live out the rest of your life as you have done in years past?  Are you relying upon your retirement to provide for you in your old age?  Do you trust in the church system and its’ stability?  If you trust in any of these things you are about to find that you stand upon unstable sand that will give way as the flood the Devil has prepared for this generation is unleashed.

We are going to start experiencing events of Biblical proportions both in the world and in our own lives.  It is important to understand that with great power in God also comes great persecution.  We are not greater than our Master and if they hated Him they will also hate the manifestation of Him through us.  The saying which states, “Blessed are you when all men hate you for My names sake” is not a idle comment but a prophetic certainty.  It is also assured that the common people will once again hear Jesus through us gladly.

So, are you going to look at yourself in this mirror today and walk away unchanged or are you going to do something about it?  Are you going to count the cost of being a disciple and purpose in your heart to sell all and follow Him, or are you going to walk away sorrowful?  Truth, godly truth when presented through His Spirit, either changes us or blinds us.  Which one will it be for you today?  The Holy Spirit is speaking to you right now and it is Him you must obey for it is to Him you will give an account to in the person of Jesus Christ at the judgment.  Let the work of conviction accomplish its desire in your heart and then let it work itself out fully in your life.  Become a firebrand for God in whatever you are called to do and let God light up the night of this world with His unquenchable flame that burns powerfully and brightly within your heart.

Here is a truth,


“It is better to have died in faith than to live in unbelief.”