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where is all this going

Where is all this leading to?  

The fact this is all “going somewhere” is plain to see, yet many do not know their destination.  For years, I have understood things in the spiritual realm that didn’t make sense in the natural.  However, now God is granting me the perspective to see it.

Where all this going is the rebirth of mankind.  We are being remade into God’s image and likeness.  Destined for intimacy with the Most High, we are being led, like the five virgins, to the marriage supper of the Lamb. 

The inner chamber

The most intimate things you can imagine between a man and women on earth pale by comparison to the expressions of our Divine Lover.  Most have not yet imagined the things God has prepared for them that love Him.  Indeed, fallen Lucifer has done her best to make almost all forms of intimate expression forbidden in Christian culture. 

True love feasts look nothing like the natural minded imagine.  A real, free expression of God’s intimate nature is radically different than normative Christianity allows.  In fact, the expression of Divine Love is so different, it brings about the great falling away and fuels the rise of the Antichrist. 

Debauchery, fallen Seraph style

Lucifer was the chief Seraph of God.  Though we cannot comprehend such unimaginable beauty, Luci was the wife of YHWH.  Perfect in beauty from the day she was created, that anointed cherub served and loved Him.  She dwelt In the sides of the north, in the mount of the congregation, in Eden, with the Most High.  That is, until sin was found in her heart. 

God, said let us create man in our image and that “us” God refers to is Seraphim.  Unfortunately,  as YHWH created Eve, something snapped in Luci.  From the moment She laid eyes on Eve, her jealous hatred of God’s final and greatest creation, knew no bounds.  No longer was the sum of all wisdom the most beautiful of them all, now there was another more fair.  In fact, Eve could do something Lucifer could not do: mate with God in Adam, bringing forth their children forever. 

And there was war in heaven

Lucifer, enraged with a fury not of this earth, rebelled.  She, by reason of her beauty, seduced a third of the stars of heaven.  Arch angels fell under her spell and a many of the congregation left their first estate.  Lucifer, now called Satan, along with her demonic armies, ascended into the sides of the north seeking to replace God in the temple of the Most High. 

Michael and Gabriel fought alongside those still loyal to YWHW, resisting the rebellion. Though it broke His heart, God stood up and cast Lucifer out of the sides of the north and away from His presence.  The book of lamentations and much of the major and minor prophets speak of this.

The battles of the ages

There was a series of battles, but two great conflicts in particular.  The first, was the original insurrection in Eden and the second has yet to be fought during the battle of God and Magog.  At the time of Jacob’s trouble, God will render His final verdict upon the host of heaven and those who dwell on earth.  After that great and terrible day of the Lord, God’s eternal judgement commences. 

Those who are saved by the blood of the Lamb enter into God’s paradise.  The eternal rest Jesus speaks of is Eden restored in the New Heavens and New Earth.  The spiritual fulfillment of the final feast, the Tabernacle Experience, is a foretaste of that Last Great Day.  Divine Love is the first Love of Eden restored.

Holy Consummation

The point of any marriage is the marriage bed.  It is for this cause that a man leaves his mother and father.  The natural outflow of consummation is children. Likewise, the point of the marriage feast of the Lamb is holy consummation.  The natural outflow of our union with God in Christ is children. Through our Divine Unions in Him, we bring forth the children of God forevermore.  

Therefore and in conclusion, where is all this going? We about to enter into a place of union and intimacy with Jesus we never imagined possible.  Moreover, this Divine Love manifests through the members of Christ’s body to one another.  What most have considered sin is about to become what God originally intended: the holy expression of His nature through us to each other.  Amen.

Cover The Earth by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes