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God Has Not Given Us A Spirit Of Fear

Why are God’s children so filled with fear these days?  We fear the future.  We fear cults. Fearful of heresy and false teachers, we fear and imagine the worst of all possible futures.  Yet does not the Bible say that God has not given us a spirit of fear?

Some believers, instead of being conquerors, as the Bible says, are holed up in fenced doctrinal cities protecting what little they have left.  Cowering in their doctrine, they hide while the enemy of our souls rampages at will throughout our land.  I submit that this mania for protection is fear based and not God based.  We will never win this spiritual war with such a defeatist mentality.

Is your safe life more a prison than sanctuary?

The problem of some of us becoming overly concerned with safety is that our place of safety becomes more like a prison than a sanctuary.  We are so busy fleeing what we perceive to be sin that we have no time to push outwards and fight the good fight of faith.  Our world becomes filled more with what we “do not do” than what “we dare to do.” In the end, our fear of everything sinful separates us from the very people who need us most.  Jesus ate with publicans and sinners precisely because they had need of a physician.

Personally, I think ministries whose sole purpose is to expose cults and their errors are a trap of the devil.  In highlighting the devil’s works they make their living off the fear they generate.  They say, in the name of being safe, that you must scrutinize everything that does not look exactly like what they define as sound doctrine.  Away with such people.

Are you full of doubt?

Such thinking breeds fear of error in people to such an extent that they become paralyzed.  Afraid of making a misstep they will not hear nor trust God’s voice.  Ministers sensationalize the very worst cases of error as if such happenings are commonplace.  However, I ask you, “how often in your own Christian walk have you ever encountered the terrible things they warn you against?”  This “better safe than sorry philosophy” is, in fact, preparing many to suffer spiritual failure in the future.

Here is a truth,

“There were many false prophets leading up to the coming of Jesus.  Yet, eventually, there came a voice crying in the wilderness that was true.”

We act like fearful children exposed to a cruel world when in fact we are protected by the very one who spoke this world into existence.  We do not need to worry about all the things we so readily fear because we have a comforter who promises to lead us.  Truly, if you are hearing the voice of God you will not hear what false prophets speak.

Stop making God’s people fearful

The problem with those who expose cults and false teachings is that they are not “Spirit led”, but natural minded “fed”.  Lacking the indwelling of the Spirit, these self-appointed guardians of truth cannot distinguish between what is and is not of God. Thus they dogmatically lump what they fear together, insisting you fear everything “they” judge to be dangerous.  This is simply the Devil working overtime to set Gods people up to reject Him when He does come.  I tell you a truth,

“Anti-cult ministries, had they lived in the first century, would have rejected John the Baptist.  Yet John was right to call the “normative” religious leaders of his day “a brood of vipers.”

I am disturbed that leaders do not, by and large, allow their people the hear their Father’s voice for themselves.  By making them dependent on their teaching they do not learn to be dependent on Gods voice.  Fearful theology, while it keeps people close and docile, does not promote strong, independent believers.

The world needs you to be a hero in Christ

In conclusion, we need to cut loose and start to move by faith.  Swifter than anyone imagines, America, and the western world, will turn sour on those who profess Christ as their Lord.  There is coming a day, in the not to distant future, when we will need heroes of the faith!  Men and women who dare great things and believe God in the face of impossible odds.  Fight the spirit of fear, boldly proclaiming that we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us!  Yes!  Amen!

Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler