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why God created Mankind

 God’s Mate

God surveys all He creates, realizing there was no help meet for Him. YHWH, for His pleasure, creates man a little lower than the angels. Taking from Himself, YHWH fills us with His life. Created from YHWH, our destiny is be one with Him again as God’s mate. Like Esther, we are the queen of the Most High. This is the mystery of the church.

Everything on earth and in the heavens mirrors fundamental truths about God. If you are open to receive them, God speaks plainly about many things. Love, peace, and submission speak of the heavenly court while hatred, war, and rebellion speak of Lucifer and her fallen angels.

Anointed singers

Moreover muscians, who are often sensitive to the Spirit, sing about these fundimental truths without really understanding what they are doing. However, if you can allow God to help you see the central realities they couch in lyrics and melody, the big pictures comes through clearly.

In conclusion, as you listen to this music, imagine that God is playing and singing to His creation. The angels are his back up and the woman is the Bride of Christ. The unity of the music mirrors the unity between God and His Bride. Oneness with the Bride of Christ is the point of this creation.

Vivo Per Lei by Andrea Bocelli & Heather Headley